dank u

dank u

(That’s thank you in Dutch.)

The endless round of thank you’s to those awesome peeps who help keep me fed, give me a place to sleep and provide good entertainment or new friendships and other good stuff on the road:

*Alex~ You are sweet and generous. I am always humbled by service people and your selflessness. Thank you.
*Judy~ The Love Shack was a great little home and resting spot. Here’s to meeting new friends in my 50th state!
*Katie and Alison~ What can I say? To new fun and sassy gal pals in Portland at such last minute randomness? Love it.
*Greg~ To the different planets we live on, but somehow the same head and heart place and not drowning in whitewater.

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting, spending time with, being fed, housed and supported by countless people on this trip. I’ve even been treated to whitewater rafting. So fun. One of the best things I have been able to do on this trip is tour someone around with me that has barely been out of his own state let alone comfort zone. I’m talking someone who has never eaten gelato or Dairy Queen. The simple things. The sights, sounds and flavors to him are like exposing a kid to a candy store and telling them; Go on in kiddies- it’s allll free! A pretty amazing way for me to be able to pay it forward. The world is perhaps more his oyster now, the way it became mine 16 years ago. Now there’s no going back.

I have officially realized to the nth degree that we live in a country that affords any and all of us the possibility of doing and being whatever we darn well want.

Can you believe it?!

So I’ve decided I’m going to keep on doing just that and I hope you all do too.

Here’s to oysters, candy stores and freedom of choice..

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