stinky armpits and smiles

stinky armpits and smiles

Off for a whitewater rafting treat. I am one lucky gal. If you haven’t been to the Northwest in the summer, run- don’t walk, to your nearest travel agent or calendar to book some time to come out here next summer. What am I saying? What I really mean is if you have never been on a road trip in the United state during summer- you must. There is nothing like it. Nothing.

Another night of car camping last night after walking around a small town Oregon First Fridays Art Walk and talking with locals, waking up at 6am mangled in my front seat, grabbing a coffee and heading out for a gorgeous day outside, I feel like pinching myself once again. I keep thinking- am I really doing all this? I’m smelly, broke, unshowered and uncertain, and I’ve never been happier in my life. I feel like I am LIVING. Like really, really LIVING. This is amazing.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hope everyone is getting out in some kind of sunshine.

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