the magic is in the hole

the magic is in the hole

Last night was another successful night car camping. So it was cold, I woke up at least once an hour shivering and didn’t get the best sleep ever-but it was fine. It always makes me happy to save $ and that’s exactly what I thought about a bunch while tossing and turning (as much as you can in the front seat of a car) last night. I’d so much rather be uncomfortable for a night or few in between my house stays and save $ on accommodations so I can spend that $ I save on things that mean the most to me; Food and time with people.

I came into Portland yesterday on a sunny and average chilly 65 degree summer day for this area. (Brrr…where I’ve been living for years, August is typically 95-100 and lots of humidity.) As usual, no plans, not knowing anyone, but always having a few notes about food and someone who knows someone who might live there. I really don’t even look at the paper maps I have (I don’t have any detailed ones anyway), you all know I don’t have a GPS. I swear every time I enter a city unplanned like I did yesterday, I just follow where the roads lead, where are tall buildings are, or where something looks interesting, and I always end up exactly where I need to be. I rolled into Portland, pulled my car over to park for a minute and look at notes in my book and turned out I was exactly where I’d wanted to go. The rest of the day worked out perfectly. I stood in line for 45 minutes with the usual lines of patient, excited, treat-lovin’ crowds at Voodoo Doughnuts:

Line at Voodoo

I met a funny and sweet mom and daughter from Florida, we all took lots of photos and laughed about all the flavors. A guy walked out right before we got in the door with bacon on top of his doughnuts. Yes, bacon:

Voodoo menu

I got a Captain Crunch and an Old Dirty Bastard. (Chocolate frosted with OREO and peanut butter drizzle.):

Captain Crunch and Old Dirty Dastard doughnuts

With thoughts of having just a few bites or half of each, I then proceeded to hose them both. Sooo yummy. I felt high as a kite and happy for an hour or so, then definitely was moaning later. That was a bit much, even for me. (As I sit here and write this now, I am a glutton for punishment and thinking about going back for more after breakfast today…)

I drove, wandered, toured a bit more after that and through the amazing speed and power of social networking, I found myself having a beer, salad and sharing a huge plate of tater tots with a stranger Katie a couple hours later. (Try to follow this one and be as amazed as we were how it all worked out; I post something on Facebook that I was going to be in Portland. A friend of mine Temple who lives in Virginia, whom I haven’t seen in about 2 years and barely spoken with as life has kept busy for both of us, sends me a message back about Portland, then a message to Katie- who she knew from work in Boston like 10 years ago. Katie just happened to be in Portland for one night, for work training, and only a few blocks from when I was parked on the side of the road in my car no less where I have just sent the message from my laptop to Temple. My phone rings; “Hey Diane! It’s Temples friend Katie. I’m in Portland tonight and we should totally grab a beer!” Me; “Great! I was just about to go check out Rogue, want to meet there? See you in ten? And then there we sat chatting away at the bar having a grand old time for the next 3 hours like we’d been friends for life.) So, so fun. I love those random connections. (Thanks Temple!) Here’s my choice pint of a camomile infused brew. That was one delish beer:

Rogue beer

I’ll trade a bed for some fun company, a couple of yummy doughnuts, and a delish beer any day. I couldn’t have had a better day if I’d planned it all out. I met interesting and fun strangers, toured the city, ended up spending barely any money but had good food, and I fell asleep happy. What a great day in downtown Portland.

I think I’m off for another doughnut…

Voodoo box

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  • bobo

    September 3, 2010 at 3:19 am

    VooDoo is awesome! We heard about it on the travel channel and stopped in twice back in October, 2008, when we were visiting my oldest brother near Mt. St. Helens. Even bought a few extra doughnuts for some of the guys hanging around out front.