More thank you’s because there are so many helpful, generous and wonderful people out there!

*Kelly- I have carb-loaded and run around the hills of Seattle a ton the past few days.
*Mike and Eng-Shien- I’ll be posting photos from our “crabbing” here- thanks for the boat ride and hike.
*Andrew- Hope your leave and time home are relaxing. Thank you for your generosity and selflessness. Keep writing.
*Bobby- Got your notification yesterday. Gas tank is full! I still owe you funny photos from cheese curd country.
*Sean and Ian- So fun to hang with you and your peeps. Thanks for letting me show up out of nowhere and crash.
*Jess and Armen- Thanks for the feasts and hospitality. That bed is soooo comfy.
*Julie- What a yummy dinner and fun chat last night. Here’s to a soul sister!
*Ben- Love the random VA connection, downtown tour and blue hair.

Days continue to be interesting, fun and full of all the friends of friends and complete strangers who I’m connecting with. I’m learning something new every day and understanding myself and the world more. I’m consistently excited, motivated and feeling healthier and more balanced than I ever have. Because of all of you and so many giving people I’m becoming the best person I can be. It means everything to me that I’m getting to live my dream. This also means I will be the best I can to pay it forward to others and that’s what this is all about, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart!.

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