the pay it forward recipient

the pay it forward recipient

…is the one and only Ms. Erin Peacock! (That’d be little my sis.)

I had posted before that no one wrote in stories about a trip/travel/dream/new hobby they wanted to try/do for the “Pay it forward” challenge. After that still no one wrote me. Not ONE person wrote in before I left Alaska, so it’s official the cashola goes to her! (I will post a photo of her with the check once it gets to her in the mail and she can take one.)

I know you all out there have hopes, dreams, goals, wants, desires. I also understand it’s difficult for some people to share those things with strangers. I have also learned that it scares the sh*t out of most people to actually take a moment for themselves to think about just and only what they want. Sort of like whoa nelly! Well, I couldn’t possibly actually think about who I am or what I want for me! That would “rock the boat” too much and then I might have to start rocking! (I can tell you once you start rocking you never go back. In a good way. I am now smiling with that Mwah-ahhh-ahhh…tune running through my head.) My sister is a prime example of this. She had never been out of the country, my brother took her to Ecuador in January, she went in blind, but open- then she saw, did, ate, experienced things she never had before and didn’t even know were out there and was a changed person within days. That trip rocked her boat (she surrendered to the rocking) and gave her a vision for the next thing she wants to do with her life. She came back to the U.S and immediately started applying for the Peace Corps. I’m proud to gift 10% of the Alaska or bust BLR donations and sponsorships to her. She’s spent tonsa bucks completing these applications, so this loot will help her. (She could be going to Africa in February! How cool is that?!)

So? Cheers to you kid! You have a check coming in the mail. If you get in and go to Africa, you know I’ll do my best to visit!

I have mentioned before, I have a bank account that is named after my deceased friends who are the inspiration for this blog and a lot of what I do. This will always remain open. From here until eternity as long. As Blue Lollipop Road lives, 10% of any $/sponsorship/donations that are contributed will continue to go into that account. That money will be gifted as a pay it forward just like this initial one. I am working now with Sarah (the bestest intern ever) on new info./ideas for the donate page, next pay it forward challenge, etc. Lots of updates to come.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to all who have donated. Congratulations to Erin for being the first gifted recipient. You, undoubtedly embody the heart, smile and soul that Maria and Brandy did. They’d be happy to know the 10% is going to someone like you!

Who’s next guys?

Start daydreaming and get your pens and paper ready..

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