on the move

on the move

Sorry for the disappearing act! I’ve crossed the border back into Canada. Lots more driving and a stop in Vancouver.

I’ll be checking out some west coast spots for possible living, figuring out how I’m going to pay my bills next month, and working on some possible sponsorships (Honda, I am really coming after you now!) So excited about all the possibilities and next adventure! I’ve uploaded photos of my hike at Mendenhall Glacier, me “crabbing”, a couple ferry stops I made, and some video of the most hilarious fisherman I’ve ever met. Lots more of my Alaska trip to share this week.

I’ve got a bunch of logistical stuff to take care of, but Blue Lollipop Road is not going anywhere (there’s no way I’m giving up now!)- so please hang tight with me and get ready for the next ride, it’s coming!

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