meet jeff

meet jeff

Jeff and Diane in madison, WI 7/2010

Jeff is the best friend a girl could ask for. He has been a friend since I was 19 years old and always that person that everyone can completely rely on. It’d be impossible for me to list all the ways Jeff has loved and supported me as a friend over the years. He is the definition of a kind and generous soul and not just to me, to anyone he meets. When I was planning for this trip to Alaska, packing up my apartment and trying to figure out where I’d store some belongings, where mail would go, etc. (All the logistical stuff that’s stressful and worrisome) Jeff was jumping in immediately. He offered me a place to stay after I was apartment-less, help with my move, and to house my few, but very important boxes of my belongings. He then told me he’d be happy to manage all my mail and any other tasks that needed taking car of while I was on the road.

I have thanked Jeff a whole bunch but I never feel like that’s enough. When you are thousands and thousands of miles away and don’t have to worry a single bit about where the heck all your most important stuff is or where you mail is going because they are 1,000% safe and taken care of by someone you’d trust with your life, it’s a great feeling.

So? As I sat quietly today just having left Alaska. feeling thankful for all the love and support that’s been given to me and excited about what’s next and, ding! In pops an email from Jeff happily stating; “I’ve deposited the check you needed me to and taken care of X,Y,Z. Hope you are having a great time!”- all I can do is shake my head and wonder how I ever became lucky enough for the many friends I have and especially those constant, reliable and selfless ones like Jeff.

Thank you Jeff. You are absolutely one of the reasons I feel confident and comfortable pursuing my dreams, and one of those friends I hope I have forever:).

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