it’s official

it’s official

1.) Canada has the most strapping gentleman per capita on the planet. (I mean what do they do here, suck every man up in a tube, give him J Crew catalog training, make them hit the gym for 3 months them drop them back to land?)

2.) The countryside/terrain/scenery/land/mountainside/whatever you want to call it, is THE most consistently gorgeous nature I have ever seen.

I’ve now officially been to 13 countries and 50 states. I’ve also driven now about 4,000 miles (not kilometers) in Canuck Country too. I think this might give me the authority to appoint myself as a credible resource to state these 2 points. I’ll elaborate on stories later, just a quick stop off the highway. I’ve kept thinking of these things over and over and wondering why there aren’t masses of single women and nature lovers from the U.S knocking down the border to get up here. (Anyone ???) I think we have somehow not even considered our close-by neighbors to have all this deliciousness. One name ladies; Ryan Reynolds.

I mean my lord!

***This advertisement has been brought to you by the Canadian Tourism Foundation.
(I wish, then that would mean I was getting paid for this. Then again, the views are payment enough.)

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