i love attentive companies

i love attentive companies

Check it! I emailed the Ian’s Pizza folks complimenting their product and service yesterday and quickly go this email back from their Management. Talk about on top of it. This place wins points left and right in my book:


This is awesome! Thank you so much!
A link is definitely going up on our website and for sure a print-out
is going up in the staff area of the restaurant so we can all give
Jack his 15 minutes of fame!

I totally agree with everything you said — I’ve worked here for 4
years and this is the best group of people I’ve ever had as coworkers,
hands-down. I’m so glad to see someone recognizing the people who work
behind the counter… they do such a good job with such a wide variety
of people (business folks on down to severely drunken coeds)
every single day and they make it look effortless. I’ve worked counter
jobs too, and I know it is one of the most demanding jobs ever (there
are definitely days you have to fake it!) and they all make it look

Of course it helps that the pizza is excellent (duh!) but in Madison
there are so many places to get top-notch food (it’s almost
ridiculous…) and I think our staff is what really is the key to our

Thank you so much for recognizing that and for all your kind words.
Next time you are rambling through Madison let me know & I’ll hook you
up with a couple of free slices (or a salad & a slice — our salads
are amazing too!).

Thanks again, and safe travels to you!

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