live, uncut, and unfiltered; warn the children

Can I get a whoop whoop?! Tell-ya-like-it-is, soul-sister in not being afraid to throw eff-bombs when necessary, and Author of You are a Badass, Jen Sincero- linked to Blue Lollipop Road in her blog post yesterday!

Boom chicka BOOM!

Naturally I’m thrilled to potentially have some of her readers eyes here on BLR considering they’re probably total badasses, or soon-to-be total badasses after reading her book, but mostly todays linkage is awesome  because as I have always said (and Jen writes to this point in her book)- when you take a step towards life, the universe responds. (Translation; Do things you love, are good at, and that feel natural to you, because when you do, traction and movement just starts happening. Period.)

I wrote this blog post on January 19th, because I was genuinely pissed off at myself for not posting here regularly like I used to/not working on my book more, for wasting my time working with a ridiculous client over the past 6 months who was not worth my time or energy, and for being apprehensive about generally writing in the tone I most enjoy; my actual own voice! I’ve been skittish about really throwing my eff-bombs and uber opinions around like I used to, since starting the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship Fund and BLR Play It Forward in 2012: What if a parent of these girls applying for my scholarship read my blog posts that are often littered with cuss words and over-the-top-sass and thinks I’m crazy? 

As I read Jen’s book it was like she snapped her fingers in my face to wake me up from some kind of filtered trance that I had put myself in when I decided I wanted to launch Play It Forward. The do-gooder in me worried about community members and parents shunning their children away from “Crazy Diane who has that event and scholarship fund.” So I haven’t been living like my awesome badass self as much as I have wanted to, writing freely. (Blasphemy!)

So there I am a few weeks back, reading Jen’s words, getting all fired up thinking Bitch stole my book! I’m the one that get’s on my soap box spewing everything she’s talking about! She took the words out of my mouth! That’s how I usually write! Then I wrote that blog post, giving Jen props because hey- while I’ve been being all sissy and filtering my words, she was taking action actually writing her book, and well- the early bird gets the worm, baby. After writing my post I popped on over to good ol’ Facebook and put the link on Jen’s page with a “Thanks, Jen!” – and didn’t think another thing about it because I was busy focusing on kicking my ass back to myself. Meanwhile, in pops a response from Jen that she was going to share my link in her next blog post (yeah!) and here we are.

I did what was genuine and made me feel good by writing that blog post about Jen’s book, and the universe (Jen in this case) responded with some payback love.

Pretty awesome. That’s how it works!

I decided long, long ago to ride the badass train of living it up after losing 2 of my best friends who all of this Blue Lollipop Road awesomeness is dedicated to. I think I’ve managed to do a great job with that…most of time. As I look back at the past few years, I can see myself falling off that train here and there. Learning big time stuff about your adult self and leaving the younger you behind is no easy task, but now- especially after reading Jen’s book which made me feel like I was looking in a gargantuan mirror of my own words, I’m back to the game plan, laser focus, and reality that was burned into my brain back in 1994; there’s no time to be filtered or afraid. Life is too short for any of that crap. 

Today is February 11, 2015 and this day would have been my friend Maria’s 37th Birthday. Here we are in 6th grade before a big field trip, all badass like we owned the world. We didn’t care about a thing (including how ridiculous our hair or fanny packs looked) other than being happy, and feeling alive like we could conquer the world:

6th grade class trip

We were #1 for sure that day. Talk about dance like nobody’s watching. LOVE. THIS. PHOTO. The two of us were always uncut, unfiltered, and having a blast when we were together. That’s how I fully intend to live the rest of my years, inspired by people like my friend, who I wish more than anything, was here to celebrate with today.

Who inspires you to take your filter off?

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go, be, do, see

Well happy Wednesday to me! This just in, Another Best Day interview posted. Check it out here!

I learned of ABD this summer and think their message is totally awesome. It was founded with a simple idea:

To serve as a consistent reminder to make the most of every day.

Alaska ir Bust


I agree with the Another Best Day crew, that we CHOOSE our thoughts, the same way that we choose our clothing. We choose to think positively, or negatively, we choose to think that we are capable of going, being, doing, and seeing anything imaginable, we choose to sit on our asses, or kicking them into high gear. Luck has nothing to do with accomplishing goals. Goals take hard work and making the choice to stick with them no matter what.

Think of the last time you had “the best day ever” and imagine it happening again and again because you wake up each day choosing that it will be. Seems pretty simple, right?

Thanks for working to spread a great message and including me in your awesomeness, Dave & Brett!

How do you pursue Another Best Day?

#ABDLife #Choices #GoBeDoSee


one of my hero’s

Check out this video that promotes a youth film competition in Vermont. My little brother (who’s actually not so young, but I call him little brother, anyway:) is on the video at 1:37 until about 2:06. It’s a clip from when he spoke on the gay marriage bill at the Vermont State House back in 2009. How proud is this Peacock (thumbs pointed in at myself) to share blood with this good-looking’, hard-working, well-spoken,  guy?

My brother is awesome

Awesome. I haven’t seen this footage (that made a ruckus, the news and a quote in the NY Times by the way) in a long time,  but it just resurfaced last week. I can’t get enough of it, so I had to share again. My most amazing, kind-hearted, sweet, strong brother makes me want to be a better person and never stop fighting for what I believe in.

Thanks for always inspiring me, Brad! I love you.

What do you stand up for?

#SpeakUp #StandProud #LetLoveRule


calling it like it is

Many years ago, I took the typical “Screw this/it/that!” and started saying; “I’m calling a f*ck it”, instead.

Calling a f*ck it, is that moment when you are so done, so over “it”, tired of something, someone, or ready to just make a move- any kind of move, literally or figuratively. It’s when you either stop dead in your tracks and draw a line, or when you begin sprinting towards something you’ve always wanted to- something brand new. A time when you smack yourself in the face or take a minute to look around and think; what the hell am I doing?! Then can’t stand living one more minute there- so you make a change. (It can also be a fleeting moment of letting yourself go and feeling free, like bum-rushing the dance floor even when you’re sober, to drop it like It’s hot.)

Oh the little things that can make you feel powerful and alive.

The girl in this piece called a f*ck it and changed her work life for good. Amen, sister! I love reading these stories. I wish we were surrounded by more of them. Life is short. We’ve got ONE life. Call a f*ck it and start doing what you want if you are not already.

Try to make otherwise serious, scary looking guys, laugh:

My muscles are bigger than yours

…let strangers kiss you from across the counter:

Stranger Smooch

…or maybe just for one minute remember that no one is the boss of your life. You are in charge! You are capable of making any choice you want. We life in a free country. A FREE country, people! (I know this post is late for Veteran’s Day, but I am sending better late-than-never love to everyone who’s fought and protected so I’m able to live a life of whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want it, in America. Thank you, Veterans.)

How are you going to call a f*ck it today and let your freedom ring?

#LifeIsShortDoWhatYouLove #TodayIsTheDay #LetFreedomRing


career day talk, year two

I was invited to speak at Robious Middle School in Virginia again for their Career Day this week:

Career Day talk

Robious Middle School

(I’m sandwiched between a funny sales guy, a high-energy teacher, and a sweet and sassy fire marshall. Not bad company for a Wednesday lunch:) We were just a few of the 30+ speakers on hand.)

The thought that kids who are between 12-14 years old might think I am the slightest bit cool is pretty great. (Let’s just assume they did.) It was a blast and honor to be at this school. Funny though, I found that once again, more adults (teachers and administrators) thought I was cool, than the kids did. I love having conversations with parents or teachers who say “I want to do what you did/are doing!” or “Um…do you mind if my daughter/son calls or writes to you?”

Um- yes please! Call me! Write me! Send a bird!

One particular teacher this week (who happened to be a writing teacher) was a welcomed and helpful force in my room of 25 antsy kids as I was on my soapbox. She occasionally piped in with something like; “Listen to that kids? Passion! That’s what makes you great at a career! That’s what we talk about all the time.” She was fantastic, she got it, and I am thrilled to know there are still teachers like her out there. After my talk was done, she came up to me and asked if I minded if her 25 year old daughter contacted me. Of course! I’ve heard time and time again from parents of 20-somethings, that they have these super smart and driven young adult children who “just don’t know what they want to do.”

Rest assured supportive, yet concerned parents; This “no idea what to do” is a positive big deal: Your 20-something has officially stepped out of the American Drone Zone. (Wahoo!) They’ve jumped off the gerbil wheel that’s labeled “This is what you do now.” They’ve taken a plunge into a pool that’s full of maybe a tad bit scared but actually really excited fellow troops, who are proclaiming; I don’t know exactly where I want to go/what I want to quite yet, but I know one thing for sure and the automated have-to life is not for me! 

Your kid will be fine. In fact- better than fine. They can think for themselves, they value their happiness, and they don’t want to be like everyone else. That is totally awesome. They will figure it out and be better in the long run for jumping ship into their own ocean.

Some advice I gave the middle schoolers. Can be applied to all humans:

1.) Concentrate on what you’re good at, not what you suck at: Challenge yourself to try things that are hard for you, but if you genuinely don’t like something, if you pretty much still stink at it even though you’ve tried and tried- walk away and focus on your greatness. You will become a master and the opportunities are endless. In short: Stay in your lane. 

2.) Stay top of mind; Keep showing up. Want a job at that place that isn’t hiring? Want to learn from that person or company you think is the bomb? Tell the company why you’d be the best ever at that job. Tell the person you admire why you think they are awesome and why they inspire you. Send a resume, send a video, send a chicken, send flowers, send a note, send yourself showing up at the door waving and smiling. I promise as soon as there is the need for a hire or room for an intern- they will think of you first. In short: “They” will find it impossible not to love you and want you around. 

3.) Never be afraid to ask: Those who ask shall receive. I was mortified as a kid when my grandmother shoo’d me up to various counters asking if the store would still honor an expired coupon, or if they offered any discounts. Embarrassment central when you’re 8 or 10 years old, but you know what? – nearly every single time, I was met with a “Sure! We can do X,Y,Z” response. Just speak up; when you stand up you stand out. In short: You get what you ask for. Seriously. 

Here’s to encouraging ship jumpers! I can’t wait to keep doing it again, and often

What advice do you give?

#DoWhatYouLove #ShipJumpersUnite #CareerDay



Oh what a ride it has been! One little post started it all on October, 16th 2008 and here we are 6 years later!

Many adventures:

Life on the road

…and much hard work on all of this, has taught me to love more than I ever knew possible, live more than I was already trying to, and dream bigger than I already knew I could. Thank you to all of you who have followed, loved, and supported me all these years! I hope I have inspired you to live like you mean it.

Here’s to always trusting your instincts, chasing everything that you’re curious about, and and never settling for anything less than what sets your heart on fire.

What are you doing to live like today is the day?

#BLRBirthday #LifeOnTheBluelollipopRoad #DreamItDoIt


who needs a hotel room?

Camping, (whether in the car or in a tent) is so much fun. (And so much cheaper!) We’d much rather spend those extra bucks on some good food and get the bonus of star-gazing and listening to the sounds of nature:


It was a little chilly at 45 degrees in West Virginia last night, but waking up to this:

Camping in West Virginia

…was so much better than waking up to 4 white walls. I’ll take a little chill for a morning like this one, any day.

When is the last time you slept under the stars?

#AdventureOnABudget #Camping #Fall #RoadTrip


there’s something about a road trip…

…that makes me jump up and down with excitement, my heart skip a beat, me feel totally and completely alive.

Today we head out for a long wedding weekend. Of course I am thrilled to celebrate love, see old friends, meet some new, eat some yummy food, have some yummy drinks, and shake my booty on the dance floor- but mostly I am thrilled to get behind the wheel and JUST BE ON THE ROAD.

I woke up bright and early in the dark this morning feeling different than most days lately, being that I have a home base and don’t travel, travel, road trip as mush as I used to. (Which might I add, is very tough and by that I mean, often feels like torture.) I woke up feeling energetic, powerful and ready to seize the day in a whole different way than I usually do now in my “normal”-ish life.

This means a few things:

1.) Clearly I can’t fight it- this girl (thumbs pointed inward) is a road warrior, and that will never change no matter who else I try to bend myself to be.

2.) I need to check myself (translation; smack myself) to keep finding adventure any way I can, and write more in this “normal”-ish life. (Obviously if you are following me here still, you know my writing has MAJORLY slowed down since I went from road warrior to home base girl last summer and that is not Ok with me.)

3.) Everyone- I mean every, single, one of us- deserves to find, have, and keep something or some one (and as often and much as possible) that makes us feel excited, our hearts skip a beat, and totally and completely alive.

With that I will say (to myself and you reading this); Today is the day. What are you waiting for? What makes you feel completely and totally alive?

Figure it out and find a way to live it. After all…this is your one rodeo.

Random throwback photo from my road to trip to Alaska a few years ago:

Road tripping is my religion

…boy was I one happy girl that day.

#TodayIsTheDay #TheRoadIsMyReligion #FindYourRodeo


friday nights at the pumpkin patch

Just living on the edge we are!

Who needs a bar to kick off the weekend (or a shower after the gym for that matter…)? No judgies at the farmers market. Farmers like a little dirt. I do too:)

Pumpkin love

Mini pupkins for a mini living space! I thought this one had some strong mojo:

Pumpkin patch fun

This is Friday night on my road. What adventures will your road take you on this weekend?

#FridayNightFun #Pumpkins #Fall