Today’s Things That Are Awesome?

This video! What a trip:

Oh if we could all could be so articulate, hilarious, and creative calling out ignorance with such a positive spin like this chick. Amen sister!

How do you stand up for the truth?

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PS~ If you’ve never visited the website Upworthy…do yourself a favor and put it in your bookmarks.


just be out there

Meet Gone With the Wynn’s.

I learned of this couple when Team Blue Lollipop Road was up for Rand McNally’s Best of the Road during the spring of 2012. Our experience with Rand McNally/the Best of the Road, is that they/it turned out to be a total sham (I don’t particularly like dishonest companies) but at least it connected us to many cool, fun, interesting travelers and road warriors like Jason and Nikki Wynn! (Silver linings always:)

It’s no surprise that those of us who the road calls, are inspired by books/movies like Into The Wild, and the option to live anywhere. Well, this cutie couple has mastered living uber green, efficient, and all over the place. Love that! Check them out on this video:

Really makes you think about how wasteful we all are sometimes with so much house space and so many at-our-disposal power outlets 24/7- eh? (And many other things.) It’s amazing just how few things, and little space we actually need to stay happy & healthy whether on the road full-time or not.

Thanks for the  great tips and tricks Jason & Nikki! I’m taking notes so I’ll be ready to roll when I get my own RV!

How do you live sustainably?

#GetOutThere #GoGreen #SolarEnergy #LivingFree


million mile joe tour

I’m thrilled to share that my friends Joe (Aka Million Mile Joe) & Sharon LoCicero will be heading out on a cross-country tour soon to show off “Old Blue” and educate the public on what consistent maintenance, service, quality parts and American products can and will reward you with.(I’m currently trying to figure out how I can strap myself onto the roof of their trailer. Nothing makes my heart race with excitement like the news or possibility of a Great American Road Trip.) 

If you have been following here for any amount of time, you know I was sent by Honda during my sponsored road trip in September, 2011 to meet Joe. Give two people like Joe and I who are Honda Super Fans a full day together? We had a blast. Here we are driving in Joe’s famed Million Mile Honda:

Here is the stack of the mileage log notebooks Joe kept over the years:

(I’m a first take and un-edited kind of girl, so please excuse my every 2 second laughing and the dog barking!)

There are many more videos and photos from the first time Joe and I met, but fast forward to October, 2011 when Honda Hosted Million Mile Joe Day and gave him a new blue Accord:

Here I am with Joe during that celebration:

Million Mile Joe & Diane Peacock

It was a great day in Saco, Maine!

Since first meeting Joe & Sharon during the fall of 2011, we’ve kept in touch regularly and both never wavered in our love for Honda’s or spending time doing what we love. Joe & Sharon have not only donated to the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship since my launch of BLR Play It Forward in 2012, but they drove from Maine to Vermont this summer to support me, Blue Lollipop Road and joined in the days events for Play It Forward, 2013. Sharon even made “BLR” cookies out of my favorite things; Oreo’s & Nutella in case this is your first visit here and you don’t know me yet:) and crafted up a BLR shirt for herself too!

Sharon LoCicero & Diane with BLR Play It Forward shirts

How awesome is that tee?! How awesome are they for donating to the scholarship fund and coming to support me in person with treats in hand?!

Here we are after the alumni game, when I was nice and sweaty:

BLR Play It Forward Day with Million Mile Joe & Sharon LoCicero

I’ve known about the planned “Million Mile Joe Tour” for a while now, so when I got an email with the link to their site last night from Sharon I was excited to poke around and read more about the tour. Check it out!

Joe & I happened to meet because of our love of a brand of car that has been a huge part of our lives, but what else would a single 30-something traveling, writing, nomadic, city-loving gal and a 50-something home-based, mechanic dad/husband country-loving guy have in common besides our love for Hondas? A lot. Joe has heart, he’s a hard-worker, he’s smart and dedicated. He spends time doing what he loves with the people he loves. From everything I’ve seen and experienced knowing Joe & Sharon for the past couple of years, I know they care about their community, and they do the right thing when nobody is watching. I’m proud to say they’re my friends! I couldn’t be more excited to follow their MMJ Tour. I hope you will join me in following their journey too, and try to meet them in person if they come to a town hear you.

Joe & Sharon are a perfect example of why I love being on “the road.” I stay inspired by people; Learning about their lives, hearing their amazing stories & about interesting projects they’re working on, constantly being humbled about the unexpected good that’s out there, and collecting lessons around every corner. I’m inspired by average “Joe’s” who have drive to do extraordinary things, and that are just plain GOOD people like the LoCicero’s of the world.

Thanks for being awesome Joe & Sharon! Here’s to the road.

Who inspires you?

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i love this guy

Farmer Brad Peacock

(I mean- how cute is he? He also happens to be my little brother, Brad:) I took this photo when we were goofing around at the West River Farmers Market in Vermont last year. Brad is a farmer. One among the many who work humbly and tirelessly to grow all that fresh delicious food that keeps us healthy. Check out this article he’s in!

Below is at the same farmers market last year. 3 of the 4 Peacock “kids.”  (Oldest ,DJ not pictured.) Youngest in the fam, Erin is on the right:

Diane, Brad, and Erin Peacock at the West River Farmers Market

…she often works at Clear Brook Farm with Brad and the crew between her travels. Yay for amazing siblings! Yay for farmers! Three cheers and hats off to all the farmers out there who work their fingers to the bone to provide our communities with the best food possible.

Where’s your favorite farm?

#FarmerLove #VermontFarmers #LoveTheEarth #SiblingsRock



Thinking about my girls. 19 years ago today, my life changed forever.

I’m so thankful for every minute I have with the people I love, and with those who make me laugh. I’m thankful for memories I have, that will never die. I’m thankful to have known 2 people that showed me pure joy and zest for life when they were here, and who continue to inspire me to be fearless and live fully every day even though they’re gone.

This is for you Maria & Brandy:

Diane's blue lollipop tattoo

I miss you every day, especially on this day- but the power of the blue lollipop always makes me smile and feel like you’re right here with me.

How do you remember your friends?

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to you, mom

In light of recent sad news of some friends who’ve lost their moms suddenly, the fact that you are the one who gave me life, and generally that I feel like the luckiest kid on the planet because I feel so loved by you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- I wanted to write to you- on my birthday today.

Thank you for always being there for me, through the good, bad & ugly:

Me and Mom!

Thank you for shared meals, shared time, and always good conversation:

Me and Mom!

Thank you for laughing with me and toasting with me:

Me and Mom!

Thank you for always being my first call on my Birthday to remind me of the exact minute I was born, and to tell me for the millionth time- that you love me.

Thanks mostly though, for fully supporting every hope, dream, and goal I’ve ever had (even when they sound crazy), thank you for being selfless, honest, genuine and tell-ya-like-it-is, thank you for never questioning me or my instincts, thank you for helping to make sure I always keep a mindset that anything is possible, and thank you for teaching me what truly matters are the people and time together, doing things that mean something real:

Me and Mom!

If every kid was so lucky to wake up every single day of the year like me, and feel so loved, supported, and happy to be alive because they had a mom like you.

I’m living my dreams, Mom. I’m laughing, I’m loving, I’m trying, I’m doing, I always fight the bad days away because I know the good ones are there. I’m having fun and I am happy. I can do all these things because of the strength and heart you’ve instilled in me. Thank you for the life you have given me. I promise to never take a day for granted. Ever.

Thank you, Mom. It is indeed a very happy birthday today. I love you so much.

Why do you love your Mom?

#ItsMyBirthday #MyMomRocks #LoveYouMom


traci, kate emma, and me

Traci, Kate Emma and I at BLR Play It Forward 2013

Here are the three of us, all good and sweaty after the alumni game during BLR Play It Forward this last month!

These ladies are two of my most favorite. Traci (left) is my former high school soccer coach, the person who taught us all as young girls this special “Strong Mojo!” you hear me talk about often, and she’s such an incredible artist, mentor, and person- I can’t even put it into words. Kate Emma (middle) is my former high soccer teammate, the person who had the original idea for me to host an alumni game, she has a heart of gold, is one of my oldest friends, and we share a special bond that I can’t put into words either.

As I started uploading this years event photos- this was the first that popped up. How awesome. BLR Play It Forward and the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship would have never been born had it not been for Traci and Kate Emma. They not only had the initial idea for a game, but helped me package up and execute my additional ideas that now make up this annual full-scale event. These two helped make a dream come true for me that was years in the making; Honoring our two lost friends by showing their families how much they both still mean to us, bringing former teammates, and community members together to encourage maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and awarding a scholarship to a deserving student athlete to help her reach her travel goals. Spending time with the people that mean the most to me- those who truly understand the heart and soul behind Blue Lollipop Road, and awarding the gift of travel which I know enriches a life in indescribable ways- has meant more to me than I could ever share.

As the 8/18 anniversary approaches this year, I am more thankful than ever, for all the amazing people I have in my life, and in my memory, that help me never forget how lucky I am to have each day.

Thank you for every minute of support, and love, every encouraging note, and for being two of the most incredible people I know Traci and Kate Emma! I love you ladies!

To the forever Strong Mojo…


a badass doing good

My friend Brian introduced me to a friend of his recently: Zoe Goes Running. (And I thought my 30-ish miles a week pounding the pavement was a lot-ha! Next time I’m dogging it or grumbling during my early morning run, I’ll add Zoe to my list of people I think about that inspire me to keep going.)

Check out Zoe’s TEDxRVA talk:

After this, she really did run the route of the Tour de France– and finished just a couple days ago! Run across the US, run the route of the Tour de France and raise $166,000 for World Pediatric Project? Totally awesome. What a badass. Go Zoe!

Yet another person who proves that anything you set your mind to, is possible. What a great story.

#InspiringPeople #RunningRocks #BeBadassDoGood