with love – strong mojo

I am beyond honored and excited to share news about this incredible piece of work made for our BLR Play It Forward Event. Our coach, mentor, friend, and wildly accomplished Artist Traci Molloy who is part of our MAU Soccer Alumni, has created this special piece of art:

With love - Strong Mojo by Traci Molloy

With love - Strong Mojo by Traci Molloy

They are both photo based silkscreens, as you can see above, one set of prints has hand drawing on top. There are 15 prints available in the photo only based edition, and 12 prints in the photo based edition with hand drawing on top. This piece is for sale and titled “With love- Strong Mojo.”

Traci is generously offering these prints for $50 (unframed) for the soccer community. If you’d like to pre-order/hold one on reserve before the Artist Reception at the Vermont Arts Exchange on August 18, please e-mail Traci directly at The prints would normally be worth $200. Part of the proceeds will go to the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship.

We love you Traci! Thank you for making such a beautiful piece.


do you dig us?

Great! We dig you too!

Watch our Best of the Road video here and leave a comment telling us what you think. Better yet, leave a comment for Rand McNally telling them why you think we should be a finalist team.

Just a few days left in the decision making process for Rand McNally and Mom and I are ready to rock out this x-country trip so we can share the best of America with you!




…and you wonder where i get it

Because I have been saying hi to ask for your votes via video, Mom wanted to say hi too. Sure enough as we usually stay unscripted- here she is, laughing away at herself:

So mother like daughter? Yeah, we can definitely entertain ourselves. We always joke about how much fun we can have doing nothing.

On take 2 Mom got her hello out:

Vote for us HERE for Best of the Road Rally 2012!

On this Mother’s day weekend I’m so thankful for my Mom. This amazing person who loves me more than anything, supports all my hopes and dreams, and that I can always crack up with. She is my Mom and friend, and the kind of person any kid would be lucky to have in their life.

Dear Mom~

Thank you for always believing in me, supporting me, and your willingness to always fully jump in the fun and laugh out loud with me.

I love you.


help us climb…

…all over some of America’s signs! Oh how fun it’s been to look through travel photo albums. Check out a few places Team Blue Lollipop Road has been:

Diane Peacock at Colorado state line

Diane Peacock at Zion National Park

Ann, Diane and Erin Peacock at Grand Canyon

Diane Peacock on Texas sign

Diane Peacock in Canyonlands National Park

Want to see us snap a photo near a sign where you live, or want to be in a photos with us? Vote HERE for Team Blue Lollipop Road, and submit your favorite places HERE for Rand McNally and USA TODAY Best of the Road Rally 2012.

We can’t wait to see the places  you love!


what about you?

Are you getting inspired to travel? We hope so! Here’s a little thought for this Wednesday afternoon:

It’s not all about us! Do you know how much free, cheap and fun stuff is out there for the finding? Travel doesn’t have to be pricey or fancy, it’s all about sharing a laugh, a treat, and some time out with someone you love- or learning something new from someone new.

Let’s get out “there” America! Join Team Blue Lollipop Road and all the fun happening on Best of the Road.

What place will you find and submit as your favorite?


meet joe and debbie

They were good sports (no pun intended!)- at Wrigley Field yesterday. They happily agreed when I asked them to be on video. Joe was trying to channel some Harry Caray. Hilarious! And the chick in the background who pops her head in to make a face? Gotta love it. People hamming it up everywhere!

I love talking to strangers. Especially really fun ones like these two.

Thanks for voting for Team Blue Lollipop Road Joe and Debbie!


we are your team…

…for the Rand McNally/USA TODAY Best of the Road rally 2012!


Because we can finish a Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster no problem!

The Peacock's at Ben & Jerry's

Talk about being able to hang!

Welcome to the world of the Peacock’s. Sure, Mom and I had some help on this giant bucket o’ goodness, but we are not afraid and we like a good challenge! We finished:

20 scoops of ice cream

4 bananas

4 cookies

4 brownies


Various chocolate toppings and tidbits

Hot fudge

Whipped cream


Mamma Peacock and I are ready to take on whatever other buckets of goodness are out there in Small Town America, so VOTE FOR US! Team Blue Lollipop Road!

Where do you want to send us to find the good treats?