less than a month; play it forward 2014!


It’s been busy behind the scenes of BLR with BLR Play It Forward 2014 planning. We are less than 1 month away now from our 3rd Annual Event in Southern Vermont.

Mark your calendars and join us for Friday & Saturday festivities July 18th & 19th. All are welcome.


I’ve had several requests to purchase 2014 BLR Play It Forward jerseys:
1.) Yes! I can ship anywhere in the USA, or you can pick up day of Alumni Game (7/19) at Howard Park.
2.) $20 donation gets any size kid or adult shirt. All donations go to the BLR Memorial Travel Scholarship Fund.
3.) Get order in by July 1. Donate online with PayPal.
…and note what size you’d like- or send a check to the Blue Lollipop Road office:
305 W Morehead St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Any questions? Email me:


How do you play it forward?

#BLR #PLayItForward #PlayForwardGiveBack


life is too short

Sitting here with tears in eyes and shaking head from news of a shocking loss. Three old friends and soccer sisters just lost their mother in a terrible accident. I’ve back spaced about 10 times at this point trying to write them a message and send condolences, but what the do you say besides sharing that your heart literally hurts thinking of what they must be going through? I keep wondering why these kinds of things happen to the good people. The ones that are happy and healthy and absolutely loved by their community for always being those generous, joyful, smiling people. Not fair. Simply not fair.

Ironically having a conversation today about the future of Blue Lollipop Road, when I got this news. Full-on conversation about should I keep the scholarship going, how can I raise more money, why it is so important for me to keep writing and babbling my travel stories and about life, why I want to continue honoring my lost friends and their zest for life- but how it is so much work too, and often feels like I am not doing enough or not touching enough live’s to make a difference.

This news comes in as I’m having the above specific conversation and I think- holy shit. This is why I “do” Blue Lollipop Road. I write because it helps me keep perspective, it helps me still cope with the loss of people I love even though It’s been close to 20 years. It gives me a platform to express my passions, hopes, and dreams. Blue Lollipop Road reminds me that days are short and I better do all I can to enjoy time, people, and say I love you because accidents happen and you just never know.

Today, to my hometown friends and soccer sisters who’ve just lost a most incredible woman, I am so very, very sorry. I can’t offer you much but love and hugs from afar, and maybe some kind of solace to know that all who knew her, will never forget her smiling face and sweet way. To live in our hearts forever, is not to die.

Here’s to the memories of quality time with people we love, and seizing all of our days together.


the case of the mysterious nameserver pointing…

A challenging week with Go Daddy saying everything is set and pointed to the new site and some of you are writing me and telling me you see this one. My web guy and I are scratching our heads and still working on figuring out what’s happening. On a fun note, he was able to steal a couple days to ski and explore around Vail this week- so as the theme of BLR goes, I don’t like to bug people to do much technical work while they’re hitting the slopes with a local pint of delicious brew. Saying that we are hoping to have things hashed out this weekend and be back in the saddle of daily fun posts soon.

In the meantime I am collecting fun photos around Chicago, have had quite a surprise adventure myself this week, and I’m about to go get some Cadbury Mini Eggs; my single favorite holiday candy. I have a feeling the Easter Bunny might have a hard time finding me this year, so I need to take my chocolate situation in my own hands.

Happy Passover, Easter, Spring, One day late Earth Day!.


the new blr

We have switched nameservers, so hopefully the next time you log onto www.bluelollipoproad.com you will see the new site! I appreciate everyone being patient these past couple months. There will be a few little kinks as we get rolling this first week, but lots of fun news and many surprises to come…I am thrilled!

Best of all I have so much more capability with the new site so if there is something you’d like to see, put in a request. The sky is the limit from here.

Here’s to new beginnings and the best spring ever!.


drumroll please!

So yes, I have been a bit absent because of packing, traveling, working and all that business, but we’ve also been taking time from the BLR site here, to start posting on the new BLR site which we hope to launch by 4/15. This is the official transition period! I know it’s been a long time coming, so thanks for being patient and stay tuned….