go, be, do, see

Well happy Wednesday to me! This just in, Another Best Day interview posted. Check it out here!

I learned of ABD this summer and think their message is totally awesome. It was founded with a simple idea:

To serve as a consistent reminder to make the most of every day.

Alaska ir Bust


I agree with the Another Best Day crew, that we CHOOSE our thoughts, the same way that we choose our clothing. We choose to think positively, or negatively, we choose to think that we are capable of going, being, doing, and seeing anything imaginable, we choose to sit on our asses, or kicking them into high gear. Luck has nothing to do with accomplishing goals. Goals take hard work and making the choice to stick with them no matter what.

Think of the last time you had “the best day ever” and imagine it happening again and again because you wake up each day choosing that it will be. Seems pretty simple, right?

Thanks for working to spread a great message and including me in your awesomeness, Dave & Brett!

How do you pursue Another Best Day?

#ABDLife #Choices #GoBeDoSee


one of my hero’s

Check out this video that promotes a youth film competition in Vermont. My little brother (who’s actually not so young, but I call him little brother, anyway:) is on the video at 1:37 until about 2:06. It’s a clip from when he spoke on the gay marriage bill at the Vermont State House back in 2009. How proud is this Peacock (thumbs pointed in at myself) to share blood with this good-looking’, hard-working, well-spoken,  guy?

My brother is awesome

Awesome. I haven’t seen this footage (that made a ruckus, the news and a quote in the NY Times by the way) in a long time,  but it just resurfaced last week. I can’t get enough of it, so I had to share again. My most amazing, kind-hearted, sweet, strong brother makes me want to be a better person and never stop fighting for what I believe in.

Thanks for always inspiring me, Brad! I love you.

What do you stand up for?

#SpeakUp #StandProud #LetLoveRule


friday nights at the pumpkin patch

Just living on the edge we are!

Who needs a bar to kick off the weekend (or a shower after the gym for that matter…)? No judgies at the farmers market. Farmers like a little dirt. I do too:)

Pumpkin love

Mini pupkins for a mini living space! I thought this one had some strong mojo:

Pumpkin patch fun

This is Friday night on my road. What adventures will your road take you on this weekend?

#FridayNightFun #Pumpkins #Fall


a giggle a day keeps the doctor away

Sisters are awesome. Nature is awesome. Colorado is awesome.

We pretend to be serious:

Fort Collins Sister Time

..but it is all just a front for our jackassery:

Fort Collins Sister Time

Yeah. I just made up a word. That is awesome too.

Love you sister! So fun.

My Blue Lollipop Road is spending time with people I love.

Where’s your road?
(Send me a photo: Diane(@)bluelollipoproad.com and I will post it here.)

#LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #WildInTheWest #Sisters


“i’ll figure it out”

I love when friends send me articles like this. (Reference post title the author’s #4.)

Of course the travel & adventure part of this womans’ story are inspiring and invigorating in that I-wanna-go-out-and-do-those-things-right-now, but the best part of this is lesson is that she took action when she had an aha moment. She started really living, and didn’t just crawl under her bed.

We all know life is short, but it seems like we just don’t live like it is. I vote for more of us to wake up with that carpe diem- life is short-let’s do it now attitude, rather than not. Whaddya say?

After wrapping a 3rd Annual BLR Play It Forward Event, I’m more than ever convinced that spending time with people I love like these:

VT playing tourist

Green Mountains

…and doing work that means everything to me:

BLR Memorial Scholarship Award

BLR Play It Forward 2014

Soccer rules at BLR

…(just to share a very few)- is what’s most important. The rest of life- can always be figured out. Read this article, pass it on, then ask yourself; If you could spend time with who you wanted, and do work that really meant something to you- what would you be doing?

Find your Blue Lollipop Road.  Today is the day. What are you waiting for?

#Inspiration #BLR #TodayIsTheDay

*Above photos taken in Vermont during my stay for BLR Play It Forward, 2014


blr play it forward 2014 wrap

Wahoo! The 3rd Annual BLR event on July 19th was a huge success! It’s been close to 2 weeks since event day and I am wrapping up & gathering photos and stories to share here. Check back soon for posts.

We are already looking forward to BLR Play It Forward 2015 next July 11th…mark your calendars and plan to join us in Vermont!

How do you give back?

#PlayForwardGiveBack #BLR #ThingsThatMatter


less than a month; play it forward 2014!


It’s been busy behind the scenes of BLR with BLR Play It Forward 2014 planning. We are less than 1 month away now from our 3rd Annual Event in Southern Vermont.

Mark your calendars and join us for Friday & Saturday festivities July 18th & 19th. All are welcome.


I’ve had several requests to purchase 2014 BLR Play It Forward jerseys:
1.) Yes! I can ship anywhere in the USA, or you can pick up day of Alumni Game (7/19) at Howard Park.
2.) $20 donation gets any size kid or adult shirt. All donations go to the BLR Memorial Travel Scholarship Fund.
3.) Get order in by July 1. Donate online with PayPal.
…and note what size you’d like- or send a check to the Blue Lollipop Road office:
305 W Morehead St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Any questions? Email me:


How do you play it forward?

#BLR #PLayItForward #PlayForwardGiveBack


life is too short

Sitting here with tears in eyes and shaking head from news of a shocking loss. Three old friends and soccer sisters just lost their mother in a terrible accident. I’ve back spaced about 10 times at this point trying to write them a message and send condolences, but what the do you say besides sharing that your heart literally hurts thinking of what they must be going through? I keep wondering why these kinds of things happen to the good people. The ones that are happy and healthy and absolutely loved by their community for always being those generous, joyful, smiling people. Not fair. Simply not fair.

Ironically having a conversation today about the future of Blue Lollipop Road, when I got this news. Full-on conversation about should I keep the scholarship going, how can I raise more money, why it is so important for me to keep writing and babbling my travel stories and about life, why I want to continue honoring my lost friends and their zest for life- but how it is so much work too, and often feels like I am not doing enough or not touching enough live’s to make a difference.

This news comes in as I’m having the above specific conversation and I think- holy shit. This is why I “do” Blue Lollipop Road. I write because it helps me keep perspective, it helps me still cope with the loss of people I love even though It’s been close to 20 years. It gives me a platform to express my passions, hopes, and dreams. Blue Lollipop Road reminds me that days are short and I better do all I can to enjoy time, people, and say I love you because accidents happen and you just never know.

Today, to my hometown friends and soccer sisters who’ve just lost a most incredible woman, I am so very, very sorry. I can’t offer you much but love and hugs from afar, and maybe some kind of solace to know that all who knew her, will never forget her smiling face and sweet way. To live in our hearts forever, is not to die.

Here’s to the memories of quality time with people we love, and seizing all of our days together.


the case of the mysterious nameserver pointing…

A challenging week with Go Daddy saying everything is set and pointed to the new site and some of you are writing me and telling me you see this one. My web guy and I are scratching our heads and still working on figuring out what’s happening. On a fun note, he was able to steal a couple days to ski and explore around Vail this week- so as the theme of BLR goes, I don’t like to bug people to do much technical work while they’re hitting the slopes with a local pint of delicious brew. Saying that we are hoping to have things hashed out this weekend and be back in the saddle of daily fun posts soon.

In the meantime I am collecting fun photos around Chicago, have had quite a surprise adventure myself this week, and I’m about to go get some Cadbury Mini Eggs; my single favorite holiday candy. I have a feeling the Easter Bunny might have a hard time finding me this year, so I need to take my chocolate situation in my own hands.

Happy Passover, Easter, Spring, One day late Earth Day!