who needs their own bike…

…when you can have the Conference Bike.

This thing gives a whole new meaning to team building.

(Insert infomercial voice here…)

Sweat it out during your 8 hour day wheeling away and having so much fun! And you thought that smelly guy from the cube next to you and that woman who eats Lean Cuisine frozen meals for lunch everyday weren’t any fun! Well now you can discover all you ever wanted and more about your coworkers with the Conference Bike- YEAH!

(It is truly amazing how much I crack myself up.)


it’s 4:06am

Obviously I just gave up on trying to sleep, so I’m now sitting here in the dark on my laptop.

If you are a regular reader here, I know you have been waiting patiently for next project announcement. Thank you! I’ve been working my booty off day and night on all things Blue Lollipop Road. While we all know hard work pays off, it’s also pretty tough to force those aha moments that bring all that hard work together. Sometimes we have to wait. I am so bad at waiting, but I’ve been holding off on announcing the next project BLR because there was a tiny little piece missing that didn’t quite feel right yet. (We’ve all learned that lesson right? Good gut feeling is key.) Today that tipping point, my tiny little missing piece for the next project BLR came unexpectedly while chatting with a friend over coffee. Now it feels right, so let the project roll…Whoop whoop!

The best things always seem to come in unplanned moments and when you’re not even trying. Don’t you just love that?

Other things I continually find to be true:

1.) If you commit to something, give it full-on blood, sweat, tears, and are organized too, you won’t fail.
2.) Being authentic is the only way to be.
3.) You get what you give.
4.) If you don’t ask, no one will ever say yes.
5.) In order to do something you have to start doing it first.
6.) If you focus on what you’re best at and well experienced in, there will be no such thing as “competition.”

Hold tight, the ride gets better and better! The next Blue Lollipop Road will be announced by March 1.

Insomnia is a total bummer, unless of course the only reason you can’t sleep is because you are just too excited to…


and more…

I just love audience participation!

From reader Gretchen. Her ttaa:

*Getting the car and starting the drive for a very long road trip
*Watching (my kids) N and G learn and love the excitement of accomplishing and conquering something new
*The sense of peace I find in going for a hike
*A quiet house: (Kids asleep)…husband out with his friends, drink in hand, TV/remote to myself 🙂
*That first sip of coffee…Yuuummmmmmmmmmmm

Notice all these things that are awesome readers have shared are free or really cheap? Isn’t that great?


reader ttaa

From Gabi:

*The warmth of the sun on your skin when you’re cold
*Watching a live concert of a band/artist you love
*Cookies and cream ice-cream (topped with a lot of chocolate syrup)

From Troy:

*The smell of fresh cut grass.
*The giggle or smile of a child/baby.
*Chinese take out on the second day…always better.

Thanks guys! Love these. Anyone else want to share?