for those of you who’ve asked…

…about when the new BLR site will be done. Update!

More work is being done as we speak. My fabulous design and programming pal is cranking this weekend. Good things come to those who wait, so I appreciate this friend doing all he is for me therefore I’m going to be the last person to rush him. Thanks for being patient and I am glad you are all as excited to experience the next phase of BLR as I am!

In other news, there is a…well, we will call it a “trip” in the works, that I will be able to tell you more about in 2 weeks. Yessssssssssss.

Full crashed wedding post from last weekend will be here before you get back to your desk on Monday morning along with a post about my incredible Barboursville wine dinner at the Berkely Hotel last night. I am a feasting machine. Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be about? (Smiling…).


vino work- tough life

I got an invite to go crash another event tonight unexpectedly. Yay! I get to write about more yummy food and wine!

Did you know it’s Virginia Wine Week?

Between getting back from a long weekend in Philly and NYC, completing 2 proposals for some fun upcoming projects, the event tonight, and working the next 3 days at a big ol’ film festival, my blog time has been limited this week. (You know that is a total bummer for me, but all worth it in the long run. All part of the big picture.) Sleep? Who needs it. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. So many people to meet, things to do, delectable treats to try, and adventures to find, so little time….


new blushing bride ginny, if you are reading this…

…I’m sorry for the delayed wedding post! I can’t wait to share here about what an amazing time I had on your special day. I’ve had some good surprises and work pop up this week, so I am one busy woman. I had such a blast that I don’t want to miss any details, so I will work on the doozy of a good time story this weekend when I have some more time.

Thank you again for having me and making me feel like part of your crew of wonderful friends. It really was a weekend to be remembered.

I hope your first few days of wedded bliss have been everything you ever dreamed of!.


today i am a wedding crasher

No lie.

Totally unplanned, but just got last minute invite to complete stranger, friend-of-a-friends wedding.

I just did a sprint through Rittenhouse Square speed shopping like I never have before to find something to wear.

This is going to be super fun. I love talking to strangers, especially 200 of them during all day and night festivities.

I’ll be bringing you loads of photos and stories tomorrow so check back!.


2 girls, 2 cities, 4 days

It’s very rare that I am not the driver, but this one is someone else’s trip- I am just a tag along. I’m glad I have kept myself nuzzled nicely on the “Ask Diane! She’ll go!” list. (I once got to go to two games of the world series with killer seats because I am all about jumping in when an adventure is offered.)

This morning a friend and I head off for a few days. First stop; The City of Brotherly Love, Second; The city so nice, they named it twice. Can we talk about how excited I am? Years ago I spent significant time in Philly and I have said since then, that it is a very underestimated city…love it there. New York? Well, you all know my thing about New York. I haven’t been since the kick off of Alaska or Bust last July. There has been a part of my heart there since that time. I can’t wait to feel that energy again.


You know you’ll be getting good stories from this one so stay tuned!.


“star-light, star-bright, first star i see tonight…”

Hey loyal readers!

Final touches are going on the new BLR site. (Happy dance! YIPPEE! Too bad we aren’t on Skype right now.) Of course we have put our vision into play, but are all about feedback and pie in the sky wishes. Especially for anyone who’s stuck around riding out this adventure with us for the past 3 years. We always want to hear about what you love to see here!

If anyone out there has a “I wish to see this or that”- please shoot me a note. We will see what we can do.

Can’t wait for you all to be sticking around for the next 3, errr…333 years!.


look who showed up in my inbox!

I wrote about a “nice man” I met in Minot, ND (pronounced my-knot) on August 5th last year. Minot was my last stop before entering Canada on my way to Alaska. I found a Starbucks, got my java and camped out like I often do when I’m on the road. While I was there a gentleman chatted with me from a table near. I gave him my card and told him what I was doing. I never heard a word from him, and like others I meet in my travels, I often wonder if they ever log on to check out this site. What a great surprise today, 7 months after I met this gent, I get the following note from my contact form:

Nice man in Minot Starbucks? Thanks! It was a cold day for anyone in shorts, but your Vermont sweatshirt must have helped. Great to see the Big Loop completed…James Ryan

How cool is that?!

He thought the website contact form didn’t work, so I got this message on Facebook too:

Meeting you on a cold Minot day in Starbucks reminded me of my own journeys in Europe many years ago. Cold, but cheery, and with a mission. Glad you completed your journey north and around, and are on to your next ones. I tried making the posts work on your website and could not, but was showing my daughter your website this morning and thought I would try again. Nice man in Minot, how sweet…James Ryan

You all know meeting and talking to new people is my most favorite thing to do on the road. Contacting or keeping in touch with those I have met along my journey is a special thing to me. I’ve learned from every single person I’ve meet, and often made friends for life. I have ended up staying with some of these newer friends, they send me photos of their kids and grandkids and share stories about their lives. That is just the coolest thing to me. The best part of making new friends in the most random of places, is that I continually see that we are all the same. Everyone can relate to each other in some way. I have found overall, that perfect strangers are much nicer, more generous, and willing than anyone would ever believe. I love that- it keeps me inspired.

Thanks James Ryan from the Starbucks that day back in August on my journey of a lifetime. You just made my day. I hope you will keep adventuring and stay in touch!.