and the strong mojo carries on

Go MAU Lady Patriots!

Check this NY Times article out about girls competing against boys in the state championship wrestling tournament this weekend. Is it cool to geek out because my high school in tiny Bennington, Vermont made the NY Times? Especially because the article is about girls kicking ass and taking names in sport?

Folks, my Monday was just made.

Mount Anthony Union High School, where this girl made wresting history this weekend is where Blue Lollipop Road originated! I guess all that strong mojo that lived among us other MAU lady athletes back in the 90’s has stuck around. I’m happy to see it’s still a force to be reckoned with. (Ladies from my old team, are you smiling as much as I am? This wrestling champ is a soccer player as well. Gotta love it.)

Watch out boys and watch out world- here comes Rachel Hale! Congrats Rachel. What an amazing accomplishment. Glad to have you as a MAU soccer soul sister too!


it’s oscar day baby!

Time for chocolate ice cream, twizzlers, and camping out in front of the TV for a ludacris amount of hours for pre, actual, and post shows. Red carpets, dresses, jewels and speeches- this is one of my favorite days of the year. (I was a fashion designer in a former life.)

Regardless of who wins tonight, I will be a watching winner.

Happy Oscar Day everyone.


reader ttaa

What a great surprise I got from a new reader today. She passed by the BLR-mobile today and left a comment on my earlier TTAA post. These kinds of things make me very, very excited.

TTAA from new reader Gayle:

*Finding an interesting writer because her license plate was parked in front of my house, and blue lollipops are my pediatricians favorite in the DumDums bag
*Celebrating the human connection that pen pals can bring

Thanks so much for sharing Gayle! Those blue lollipops certainly do have a special mojo.

Who else wants to share some TTAA?



Yes, that would be more things that are awesome…

Early morning coffee with friends. Zumba class. The Oscars on Sunday night. BLR at over 900 posts. The first BLR Adventure on Saturday. Egg and white cheddar cheese bagel sandwiches. Balconies on apartments. Jimmy Fallon. Surprise emails from someone you haven’t talked to in 7 years. Friday night happy hours. Tattoos of blue lollipops. Cookie dough. Fried pickles. Fleece blankets. Old t-shirts. Christmas gifts that come in February. Attending the wedding of my 2nd grade boyfriend. Moleskin notebooks.

Anyone? Please feel free to comment and add below!


vermont to oregon on a bike sounds fun to me!

So many people are out there doing good for their communities and working on interesting projects. I can’t keep up. I could write 24/7 posting links and information. This is a good problem to have. Reading about what guys like Robert and Aaron have done at Bikeloc help continually inspire me to do what I love and believe in.

It’s pretty swell that my days include reading and research, so I can bring stories and resources here. It’s like a BlR learning and connecting with cool people fest. You know I like that.

Robert and Aaron~

Looks like an amazing journey you had. I know this doesn’t classify as a fresh, local potluck, but I hope you noshed on an extra sugary and well deserved Voo Doo doughnut when you finally reached Portland. They are a once in a lifetime treat not to be passed up, especially if you have worked (out) so hard.

Keep up the good work!


what does adventure mean to you?

What I hear all the time: “My life is so boring compared to yours!” or “Well, we went and did X,Y,Z but that’s no where near as cool as what you probably did.”

I think that is just silly. No ones life is boring in my eyes. Funny enough, I am constantly thinking to myself, How did this amazingly smart, interesting, generous, accomplished person come into my life again? I might need to kick it up a notch to keep in that company!

“Adventure” means different things to different people. While my go to answer would usually be that I love traveling and road trips, I also know that I could (and have) made adventures out of watching paint dry, or seeing a snail walk across a sidewalk. Jet-setting or shmoozing with some big wigs at a fancy event, are not requirements for a good time or to be known to have an interesting life. The little things are an adventure, like time with people you love and a scoop of chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough. (Thanks Stef!) Why shouldn’t we see as much excitement in the regularly scheduled and mundane activities as we do in the big fancy stuff?

This past weekend I posed the question: “What was your adventure this weekend?” The responses were a pleasant surprise:

*Nick said: Vereen Gardens; Calabash NC.

*Jen said: (A walk around) Church Street, Burlington, VT

*Abigail said: Bennington Free Library with a toddler.

*Danielle said: Good ol’ Bennington, Vt

*Bernice said: Falling in love with my husband, again and again…

*Craig said: Atlantic city with friends. Good times.

*Donna said: Politics~ Madison, WI

*Cathy said: Meeting my sons future in-laws!!! 🙂

*Tom said: Sitting in the car with my daughter for 45 minutes while my wife got a salon treatment. We told each other knock knock jokes.

*Sean said: Watching OSU men’s lacrosse in the ‘Shoe and doing yoga!

*Emma said: During my high school reunion with 2 old high school girlfriends I:
1.) Rode in a white stretch limo to an amazing Trey concert (we called a cab)
2.) Got a free round of beers by some jagoff cutting in line, “Um, since you want to cut you can also buy my girlfriends and I beers!” go me.
3.) Had a 3 hr breakfast with the best conversation ever.
4.) Shopped for jewelry.
5.) Got a massage in my hotel room.
6.) Had the best authentic Thai food.
7.) Got hit on by the guy in front of us in line for Thai.
8.) Had “that guy” invite us to “his” concert across the street after dinner to which I replied, “Sure, if you put us on the guest list.” go me again.
9.) Saw a great musician.
10.) Flirted. Got a signed copy of his album after the show.
11.) &$#&^@! and watched Justin Timberlake’s “Dick In A Box” video in a hotel bed with my hommies.
12.) Laughed till dawn.
13.) slept.
AMAZING weekend for this happily married mumma of 2.

*I say: Dinner with 2 friends I hadn’t seen together in months, dessert at home because bars were too loud and we are “old” now, and lots of chatter and laughter as we conked out on couches and floors, 12 year old sleep-over style.

Aren’t these great? No one said they hopped a private yacht to Bali or bought diamonds and jewels. It’s all time exploring, laughing with friends, exercising, yummy food, and knock knock jokes.

All of the above is what “adventure” is all about. It’s what Blue Lollipop Road is all about. Toss out the supposed “boring” and lets all keep adventuring.

Thanks for sharing everyone!


and one more makes 900!!!

Today is my 900th post.


This is hard for me to believe. So exciting. Especially because this Saturday marks the first outing/surprise/adventure and we have been working very hard on the complete rebuild of this site.

Can’t wait to share more.

Check back tomorrow for stories from readers about the “adventures” they had this weekend and my run-in with a mocha java shake.

Wahoo, wahoo! 900!

I wonder what all of you out there have done 900 times or more. Send me a story won’t ya?