go, be, do, see

Well happy Wednesday to me! This just in, Another Best Day interview posted. Check it out here!

I learned of ABD this summer and think their message is totally awesome. It was founded with a simple idea:

To serve as a consistent reminder to make the most of every day.

Alaska ir Bust


I agree with the Another Best Day crew, that we CHOOSE our thoughts, the same way that we choose our clothing. We choose to think positively, or negatively, we choose to think that we are capable of going, being, doing, and seeing anything imaginable, we choose to sit on our asses, or kicking them into high gear. Luck has nothing to do with accomplishing goals. Goals take hard work and making the choice to stick with them no matter what.

Think of the last time you had “the best day ever” and imagine it happening again and again because you wake up each day choosing that it will be. Seems pretty simple, right?

Thanks for working to spread a great message and including me in your awesomeness, Dave & Brett!

How do you pursue Another Best Day?

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calling it like it is

Many years ago, I took the typical “Screw this/it/that!” and started saying; “I’m calling a f*ck it”, instead.

Calling a f*ck it, is that moment when you are so done, so over “it”, tired of something, someone, or ready to just make a move- any kind of move, literally or figuratively. It’s when you either stop dead in your tracks and draw a line, or when you begin sprinting towards something you’ve always wanted to- something brand new. A time when you smack yourself in the face or take a minute to look around and think; what the hell am I doing?! Then can’t stand living one more minute there- so you make a change. (It can also be a fleeting moment of letting yourself go and feeling free, like bum-rushing the dance floor even when you’re sober, to drop it like It’s hot.)

Oh the little things that can make you feel powerful and alive.

The girl in this piece called a f*ck it and changed her work life for good. Amen, sister! I love reading these stories. I wish we were surrounded by more of them. Life is short. We’ve got ONE life. Call a f*ck it and start doing what you want if you are not already.

Try to make otherwise serious, scary looking guys, laugh:

My muscles are bigger than yours

…let strangers kiss you from across the counter:

Stranger Smooch

…or maybe just for one minute remember that no one is the boss of your life. You are in charge! You are capable of making any choice you want. We life in a free country. A FREE country, people! (I know this post is late for Veteran’s Day, but I am sending better late-than-never love to everyone who’s fought and protected so I’m able to live a life of whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want it, in America. Thank you, Veterans.)

How are you going to call a f*ck it today and let your freedom ring?

#LifeIsShortDoWhatYouLove #TodayIsTheDay #LetFreedomRing


this cracks me up

I’d have a million dollars and be able to give that million dollars worth of  money away in BLR Memorial Scholarships every year if I had even a penny for every time someone rolled their eyes and commented “Oh god- all you friggin Vermont liberal hippies!”- when they hear I am from The Green Mountain State.

Actually, I’d probably have two million. That’s why this article cracks me up.

Over the years, when people ask ridiculous things about the assumed maple syrup farm I must have grown up on with my Subaru-driving parents, I’ve gotten accustomed to sassing back with some part of; “No, we didn’t make make maple syrup growing up, Mom never carted us to town from the farm in a Subaru, my Teen Beat posters did not live within the walls of my room in our ski chalet, and I’ve never been cow-tipping. I’ve also never ridden a moose. Ben & Jerry were not our neighbors, and Phish did not play at my high school parties.” (I wish!)

Ahh- yes the stereotypes and stories that go along with all home states. Fun. As I sit here happily clicking these keys with the door open on this warm North Carolina day, Vermont is where my heart will always be in the summertime.

What a perfect way to intro to a snapshot I took just a few short weeks ago while I was back home:



Where do you love?

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solo travel = badass

Boy did the Today Show miss out on the perfect person to have on this solo travel segment. Me! I wonder if the woman who was rattling off her tips for travel has ever driven alone to Alaska, slept in her car at truck stops around the country, run trails around Bermuda alone, or sat in a Denny’s outside Oklahoma City sipping coffee while chatting with a 70 year old self proclaimed cowboy in the middle of the night. Just sayin’ 🙂

Hey Today Show! Hire me to be your expert next time. Solo travel is my middle name!

For anyone else who’s reading this, go forth and go far young ones, old ones, meek ones, bold ones! And go alone. The great world awaits! There’s no better way to find out what you’re made of and build a healthy sense of independence that will take you big places in life, than hitting the road…alone. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid, your peeps will be there when you get back. Go earn yourself a badass card. It’s totally liberating. You will have a blast. I promise.

Need some inspiration or a few ideas before hitting the “road”? Check this out, and happy travels!

How do you find your inner badass?

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when two people who don’t know each other…

…send you the same link on the same day in an email reading: “Did you see this?!” – it probably means you should share it with others too. (And that those around you might know you better than you think they do, or better than you know yourself.)

Read this from America’s Finest News Source; The Onion.

Roots? I’d say more like temporary stickies, but hey- you never know.

Where do you call home?

#OperationCharlotte #LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #PossibleForeverNomad.


sunday new york times

A sunny morning with coffee and the New York Times travel page definitely makes up one of my favorite ways to start a Sunday. In today’s Frugal Traveler article, one line in particular by Writer Seth Kugel caught my eye:

I’ve almost always found that a dose of personal discomfort is often a sacrifice worth making in the search for good travel experiences.

I couldn’t agree more! Finding the best people, places, food, or adventure often requires stretching yourself out of your cozy comfort zone. Think about it; How is an experience going to knock your socks off, if you already know what’s coming?

Here’s to jumping uncomfortably into the unknown and coming out at the other end with a far richer experience than you ever imagined.

When is the last time you jumped?

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be one audacious person

A couple of years ago, an old boss tossed a book my way after returning from a convention, respectfully sassing me with a “Here- this guy talks about the same crap you do all the time.”

It was autographed:


Let love rule

As you advise Tim. Thank you, and yes I will- always.

The Book was Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends by Tim Sanders. I gobbled it up in one afternoon and became a big fan. Since then I have recommended this book to several people and loaned my copy too. I follow Tim’s blog occasionally and while poking around tonight clicked on this post about being audacious. (Amen to that!) I particularly liked this portion of the post:

3. Be Tenacious – It’s going to take some time, and some serious persistance if you want to change the world.  You’ll need a long term plan, and a thick skin to withstand criticism and adversity. 

Isn’t that the truth.

As I start my first week with BLR as my full on, full time gig- no other job to interrupt my work flow, I am happy. So happy. I’ve already been working my tail off all weekend barely leaving my apartment because I love what I am doing. (That is a great feeling.) I want to change the world, and the last thing I am afraid of, is putting in lots of hours and being persistent to do it.

How are you being the power of one? How are you being audacious and tenacious?.


welcome to adventure kick-off week

Here we are. 4 days from today I will be picking up my loaned 2012 Honda Hybrid Civic and hitting the road! I have anticipated this trip for a long time, worked very hard to make it all come together and I can’t wait for it all to begin!

I wanted to start this post by talking about Hurricane Irene. Where I have been staying since leaving Chicago a couple weeks ago there is no TV, so all news and weather reports come from laptops and cell phones. During a storm like Irene that just ripped up the east coast it’s an odd feeling to 1.) Not be able to watch and see what’s going on as easily as you’re used to 2.) Be in a place that’s gorgeous, sunny, and unscathed while the 3 states you spent your first 32 years in that are loaded with most all your friends and family get pummeled. I am happy to report all my friends and family are Ok and safe. (Phew.) I cannot say thank you enough to all of you who have contacted me from around the country asking about my family in VT. Even though you’ve known I am safe in Western NY, you’ve checked on about the people I love the most and I am beyond grateful for that. I’ve been watching countless You Tube videos and reading news articles about Southern Vermont where I grew up and I’m baffled. I experienced a lot of big snow storms growing up there, but never saw anything close to the flooding and damage that’s happened there over this past weekend.

During the planning for this trip there have been buckets of ideas on where to go and what to do. There are a few surprises I had planned (and still have) but I was going to wait to announce until Friday’s kick-off. Considering the weather and events of the past few days I will announce early now, that the trip kick-off will be in my hometowns area of Shaftsbury/Bennington VT!  I decided some weeks ago that it was important for me to share with you all a few very special people, places and things that are huge contributing factors in how and why Blue Lollipop Road originated. I will head to VT after the car pick up at the end of this week. I hope when I get there everyone is still safe, sound and starting to dry out. This storm is yet another reminder that all that really matters are the people we love and the time we have together.

Here’s to supporting your neighbors, holding on tight to people you love, finding something awesome in your day when things don’t feel so awesome, and knowing that “stuff” is replaceable.

Flooded and drenched or not, I LOVE YOU VERMONT! The Blue Lollipop Road has lead me back to you, so I’m coming to show the world how beautiful you are!.