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What a happy surprise to arrive at my office today from the Bank Of Bennington!

Scholarship Donations

One of our alumni friends works for Bank Of Bennington, and now for 2 years in a row, they’ve matched her donation to the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship fund. Now that’s what I call awesome! I dig companies who do good.

Thanks Bank Of Bennington! Your support helps give students the opportunity to travel and see a world they might not otherwise have the chance to.

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today is the day; play it forward 2015

Huge thanks to The Bennington Banner for this article about our event today!

Play It Forward is so much bigger than just a soccer game. It is about bringing people together, honoring loved ones no longer here, and celebrating memories and time together. It is a reminder about what’s important, where we came from, and is meant to inspire us all to truly live while we are living.

All hands in

This is year four, and I can’t believe it! Countless hours and efforts have been put in and I as I type this with a big smile I could not be more proud. I am humbled and honored to host this event, and so thankful for all the love, support & help from so many friends, family, alumni and community members.

BLR Play It Forward 2015…here we go!

Remember. Celebrate. Live.

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time to get your soccer on!

Calling all MAU Women’s Alumni! We are just one month away from our Annual BLR Play It Forward event. Time to register is now!

Click here and get your name in the mix of hometown fun & doing good. We want YOU!

A perfect time of year to be inspired by the Women’s World Cup:

BLR PLay It Forward 2015

July 11th


Willow Park Fields

Bennington, VT

Be there!

BLR Play It Forward 2012

BLR Play It Forward 2012

BLR Play It Forward 2012

Remember. Celebrate. Live.

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“i’ll figure it out”

I love when friends send me articles like this. (Reference post title the author’s #4.)

Of course the travel & adventure part of this womans’ story are inspiring and invigorating in that I-wanna-go-out-and-do-those-things-right-now, but the best part of this is lesson is that she took action when she had an aha moment. She started really living, and didn’t just crawl under her bed.

We all know life is short, but it seems like we just don’t live like it is. I vote for more of us to wake up with that carpe diem- life is short-let’s do it now attitude, rather than not. Whaddya say?

After wrapping a 3rd Annual BLR Play It Forward Event, I’m more than ever convinced that spending time with people I love like these:

VT playing tourist

Green Mountains

…and doing work that means everything to me:

BLR Memorial Scholarship Award

BLR Play It Forward 2014

Soccer rules at BLR

…(just to share a very few)- is what’s most important. The rest of life- can always be figured out. Read this article, pass it on, then ask yourself; If you could spend time with who you wanted, and do work that really meant something to you- what would you be doing?

Find your Blue Lollipop Road.  Today is the day. What are you waiting for?

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*Above photos taken in Vermont during my stay for BLR Play It Forward, 2014


it’s officially blr play it forward week!

Friday kicks off BLR Play It Forward 2014! Another radio interview on WBTN 1370AM Radio at 5:30PM tomorrow (Tuesday 7/12/14) listen on AM radio or online to learn more about the weekend so you can join in the fun! Schedule of Events:

Play Forward- Give Back

How do you play Forward and give back?

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ever feel like no one is listening?

I do.

Then again- I also believe and agree with the following:

“Good things happen to those who hustle.” 

~Anais Nin

Sometimes I feel like I am barking up a bare tree, knocking on empty doors, and shouting from the wrong rooftops with all this…I want Blue Lollipop Road to provide travel scholarships to young people in financial need so they have a chance to see outside their small world into a bigger one for educational, self-empowerment purposes, stuff. I push and push and push, and occasionally I manage to squeeze one drop of blood out of a stone that should be drowning in the red stuff.

I’m frustrated.

Over the years, I’ve felt disappointed and pissed off at people, the world- everything. Then I think of these two girls who’ve been gone nearly 20 years now, that inspire me to be thankful for every day I have, and that trip to Germany I scraped babysitting money together for, in 1994. I think of how that summer rocked my world, changed my life forever, and how I promised to never forget it. I look at this I’ve had branded on my left wrist- that I put there for many reasons, but mostly as an additional reminder of what kind of life I want to live, and legacy I want to leave:

Blue Lollipop Road tattoo

…and all of these above things keep me hustling through these times that feel like there’s nothing but a brick wall in front of me, and that no one out there really gives a shit.

I need help to make The Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship grow. I need help getting people to listen.

Even with my tried and true efforts, I somehow have not hit my stride/done whatever I need to do to be magical/what’s best and smartest to get this all to go boom, but I sure want to and I’m not afraid to work even  harder than I already have. I hate asking for help more than anything, but I’m tired of trekking this train alone, scraping by with pennies in the BLR bank account, and being in debt personally, piecing together random work- so I don’t have to take a 9 to 5 gig that on one hand could provide me with steady income, but on the other, suck me dry of energy, hours, and momentum required to make this as big and as awesome as I know it can be.

Maybe “reality” really does, bite- but at almost 36 years old, I’m still hoping not.

The mission of Blue Lollipop Road is to encourage a commitment to an active lifestyle and to support travel for education and self-empowerment. I’m on a mission, people! Can anybody out there help me…please?

I’m going to keep hustling. Who’s with me?

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2014 blue lollipop road memorial scholarships are in!

It is such an honor to award a travel scholarship to a deserving female athlete in memory of our lost soccer friends. I cannot express how much it means to me that this scholarship keeps growing & going because of all the public support for BLR, and those alumni who participate in BLR Play It Forward:

Scholarship applications

Thank you to everyone out there for your love, time, and donations that make this possible! I will reveal this year’s recipient on July 19th during the 3rd Annual BLR Play It Forward alumni Game in Vermont, so stay tuned!

*(For alumni registration or general donation, please click here.)

Who do you remember?

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hometown support for the 3rd annual blr play it forward event

Yay for The Bank of Bennington! They matched a donation to the registration fees our alumni friend Kristen Fisk (a bank employee) paid. We love alumni and companies who support BLR Play It Forward & the BLR Memorial Travel Scholarship Fund.

Thanks Kristen and Bank of Bennington!

How’s your business giving back?

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