365 days of blue lollipop road; day 6


I opened a lot of mail this morning. A big ol’ pile in my box after being away is such a treat. Note: I’m a total sucker for those cards with year-in-review notes, photos of kids, pets, vacations/adventures and other cool, fun, exciting things- so thank you to everyone who sent me snail mail this holiday season. LOVE! I’ve been told I’m hard to keep track of, but remember, my address has always remained the same no matter where I am:

PO Box 276
Shaftsbury, VT  05262

…this address is on my contact page as well, so you can’t ever lose me! (But you can send me mail anytime:)

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure when I started tearing envelopes after opening. It must have started when I was a teenager. I remember watching my moms system; open, extract important pieces of paper, tear remaining junk in half, drop into recycling bin. (Thank goodness for recycling! These giant letters on my kitchen floor only used up half the pile of waste I had from today. Yikes.)

I had no idea how much fun this project was going to be! I feel like an eager kid awaiting my next recess, so I can run outside and hunt for a completely random something-or-other to be creative with. Tomorrow will be a week into this BLR 365, so the perfect time to share full details on why I’m “making” a BLR a day (and why you should join in the fun!) Make sure you check back.

My road has taken me here today. Where has yours taken you?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 5


Where’s my Blue Lollipop Road taking me today? Fun with dishes after a yummy breakfast with my person:

I think we were all taught not to “play with your food”, but no one ever said anything about the dishes!

Where’s your Blue Lollipop Road taking you today?

#BLR365 #LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #SundayBreakfast

*(Want to get in on the fun? Submit your “BLR” to me; Diane(@) and I will share it here!)*


365 days of blue lollipop road; day 4


What’s more inspiring that laundry?! (Hee hee…:)

I decided today’s BLR should be made out of a few bright-colored bathing suits/pieces of clothing I wore during my Caribbean Christmas trip! I’m sure I won’t get to wear these again for a while until it get’s warm, so before I started the washing machine…

Those colors and patters make me take an ahhh… moment and dream of more sand, surf, and palm trees.


Where’s your Blue Lollipop Road taking you today?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 2


Looking for a home today in Cocoa, Florida at Camping World!

Would you believe I have never, (I’m not even kidding you) ever, gone looking for RV’s before? Perhaps my subconscious has kept me away, knowing the second I stepped foot on an RV lot, the roaming/wanderlust/road-warrior/nomad that makes up nearly every part of me- might spontaneously combust with excitement. So yeah- now I’m officially planning for the 4,567,398 time how I can downsize and live on the road again. (And bring someone else with me:)

Thanks for the tour and answering all of our questions, Randy! We may have found our future accommodations…

Where’s your Blue Lollipop Road taking you today?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 1


Happy Happy New Year!

It’s January 1, 2014 so I’m officially kicking off a project I’ve been thinking about for a long while now. Before I dish full details of my undertaking, I will start this first day with the below photo I took while taking a walk on Delray Beach in Florida today:

Check back tomorrow for the next “BLR”! Until then, a question to ponder…

Where’s your Blue Lollipop Road taking you today?

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