and the list grows…

I had a couple votes this morning to head to Portsmouth, NH for Labor day Weekend (Ahh…fall in New England) and check out The Friendly Toast for breakfast eats. (You know how much I love a diner.)

Also, in true serendipitous timing the 16th Annual Southern Vermont Garlic Festival is next weekend too, which happens to be the day after I pick up the Honda in NJ. How in the world this festival is in my hometown and I’ve never been before, when I love garlic and good eats, seems impossible. (Thankfully that farmer in NY told me about it last week!) This might have to be the year I go get my stinky breath on.

I have just learned of The Common Ground Country Fair in Maine that I will miss because I will have already returned the loaned car, but I am thinking this one is something I am going to have to hit up one year for sure.

Oh so many things to see and do, so many people to meet, so little time. Keep sending thoughts of places, eats, events, and characters! I am going to squeeze in every last ounce of it all I can!



a fellow patriot

Location; Chicago.

Time; Last night:

I walk up to my last table before the end of my shift. It was filled with 6 chatty and friendly people. I get their food order in quickly before the kitchen closes, and grab them drinks. One of the guys at the table makes a comment about the burgers being delicious and that he once talked to the owner of the place about what he puts in them to make them so good. I proceed to tell him a little back story about the owner and the beloved burger place they used to own in Virginia, how I know the owner and how I ended up working in this current place in Chicago. The next part of the conversation took all of 10 seconds before all 7 of us are rolling- laughing at the coincidence:

Him: “So you’re from Virginia?”

Me: “No, Vermont.”

Him: “I’M from Vermont.”

Me: “Where?”

Him: “Bennington.”

Me: “Are you kidding me?!”

Him: “Did you go to Mount Anthony?”

Me: “Yes, graduated in 1996, you?”

Him: “98.”

Me: “You graduated with my brother Brad, my name is Diane Peacock, what’s yours?”

Him: “Ryan. I know Brad! -and I think you went to prom with my best friends brother!”

The table erupts. This exchange literally did go from “The burgers here are great” to “I think you went to prom with my best friend brother” in 10 seconds flat. It was a riot.

I graduated high school 15 years ago- almost to the day, never remember this guy, we both have had a lifetime of experiences since leaving that high school, we’re both half a country away from where we grew up, and now he and his wife are moving across the street from where I currently work.

I love how small the world is.

I wrapped up my shift, grabbed a beer and joined them for a while. Obviously we had plenty of stories to share and common people to talk about. Needless to say I have 6 new very fun friends in Chicago. How cool is that?

Thanks Ryan and crew- you made my night!


this makes me crave an otter summer…

…from Otter Creek Brewing Company.

No matter where I am in the country, every time I see a Vermont license plate, my stomach does a happy flip. I love my home state. I spotted this VT plate and sticker a couple days ago in Chicago and had to smile:

Vermont beer bumper sticker

There sure is a lot of delicious beer in the Green Mountain State. Here’s to local brews for the summertime!



thanks mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you for raising me in a beautiful, safe place where I could run and play:

Front yard in Hidden Valley

Thank you for encouraging me to travel and explore:

Me at the Taj Mahal: November, 2008

Thank you for giving me 3 of the best siblings, who have turned into my best friends:

The Kid and I, Wilmington, NC: March, 2009

Brad and I on bus in Argentina

…so one of those siblings could give me a great nephew:

With DJ and Mason: June 2009

Thank you for telling me to go for it, and always follow my dreams:

I made it! At Alaska border 8/8/1: State #50

Thank you for sharing doughnuts with me on our special breakfast dates:

Blue Benn Diner breakfast with Mom

Thank you for being my friend, and the one person who I know will love me with all of her heart forever:

Mom and I at Seadog Brewing Company, Maine

You are the definition of what a mother should be. You are the reason I will always believe anything is possible. I am so, so, very lucky to be your daughter. I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.


thanks grandma and grandpa

I’ve been thinking about my Mom all week this week. I think of her everyday, but as I put my card in the mail on this Mother’s Day week I realized this is the first one since all 4 of us Peacock kids were born, that just 1 of us would be home to spend time with her this year on the day devoted to Mom’s. In an effort to make up for my absence to spoil her, I’ve decided to devote a long weekend of posts and photos to help illustrate what she means to me.

First I will start by thanking my Grandparents, after all- they did make her. Thankfully I have never had to question for one second in my life whether I am loved or not, but if I ever did it would take just walking into the room with my Grandma and Grandpa to know I am:

Gramp, Gramp and I: May, 2009

Gram, Gramp and I: January 2011

Obviously they taught my Mother the power to love wholly and unconditionally. There is an art form to this. Let’s just just say Picasso and van Gogh have nothing on my Mom. When the world has felt like it’s collapsing around each of us kids at times, the one thing that has always remained in concrete is that this one woman is always there; our biggest and most loyal, unwavering fan. Her super human strength continues to support us through anything we could possibly dream up.

Thank you for making my Mom Grandma and Grandpa; By making your daughter, you have made me the luckiest daughter in the world. I love you.


cone and get it!

Today is Free Cone Day at all Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops.

Who else is sprinting to one of those shops besides me? Jimmy Fallon, I love you and your delicious new flavor Late Night Snack.




This reminds me of the day last year my Mom, sister, brother and I ate the Vermonster:

The Vermonster

My sister and I didn’t waste any time digging in. We couldn’t stop laughing at ourselves and all the people in line were laughing at us too:

The Kid and I scarfing the Vermonster

This one absolutely cracks me up every time I see it. My brother; Spent, completely done and stuffed in an ice cream coma:

Brad stuffed full of Ben & Jerry's

Who’s says ice cream can’t build muscles? One of the reasons why I run and zumba all the time? So I can eat the treats I want of course!

Ice Cream Muscles

Our nearly empty bucket:

The Ben & Jerry's Vermonster

My sister actually walked to the car finishing it all off. Good to the last drop. That’s my kind of girl:

The Kid outside Ben & Jerry's on Church Street in Burlington, VT

Peace, Love & Ice Cream. I’m with you Ben & Jerry.

Here’s to Free Cone Day and much sugary fun with people you love!


run for the border

I woke up in Florida with the balcony door to my hotel room wide open this morning and rolled over to see a text from my sister. She wasn’t able to get to the gym for her boot camp class because the snow drifts where she currently lives had buried her car. After I responded: “Boo! Better you than me!”- she emailed these photos:

Church Street Burlington blizzard

Church Street Burlington blizzard


This is Church Street in Burlington, Vermont. (Usually hustling and bustling any day of the year.) If you’ve ever been to Vermont, you know that even during the frigid winter months, people are out, about, driving, shopping- you name it, snow doesn’t stop them. Well, today was obviously a different story. Even the interstate was closed! (My sister sent me a photo of snow drifts halfway up the sliding glass door at her house too but I can’t find that one now…)

I think I’d rather be hung by my toenails upside down for a week than to live in these kind of conditions. This means I am one whimpy Vermonter and have been gone long enough to think that 70 degrees is cold. Hats off to you Green Mountain Staters that can hack it in this stuff. I be you’ll be happy when (if) spring comes.

If you live there, send me you address and I’ll send you some hot cocoa!