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A classmate from elementary school just posted these photos on Facebook about one of the books we made in Mr. Collin’s 3rd grade class. This one was Native American Stories Author Bios:

All of these write ups we did about ourselves are cracking me up! I think we were the ones who came up with these paragraphs? Maybe a bit of guidance from the teacher:

Kelly, above me had favorite “maple sugar trees” – so this shows how all kids from Vermont are hooked on the good stuff from birth. (Schoolhouse Maple is my favorite syrup hands down by the way, made by hometown friends in case you need a supply.) I can’t say I remember writing a single thing before age 8, so what was this supposed sense of humor my “readers” found fascinating? I did get straight off the plane and beeline to Taco Tuesday in Barrio Logan this week for the start of adventure #2,859,443:

…so as I sit here sipping coffee on the west coast today, I have to think our small fry selves must have the instinct to know exactly what we wanted to become…far before we are even close to getting there.

Pretty cool.

As life keeps flying by and I ebb and flow in and out of writing here, this Blue Lollipop Road remains my absolute favorite place, no matter where I go.

Thanks for the post, Lenny. And to you little Diane…thanks for the reminder.

Here’s to continuing to give yourself permission to do and be everything you wanted to, before you were even tall enough to get on that ride.

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still celebrating everyday? Heck, yes!

And just like that…poof! There goes another month. Time flies too fast.

I spent the first month of 2018 celebrating and sharing here, and the second, not sharing here. Don’t fret my loves, I’ve still been having a lots of fun! I’ve been celebrating things like helping to get client donations to women and children coming out of domestic violence situations:

Donations for Domestic Violence Victims

(Doing good feels so good! Thank you to so many people who volunteer their time to help others!)

…waking up in beautiful places and sipping coffee on balconies:

Kiawah Mornings

…uber windy chilly afternoons on the beach:

Beach Girl

…breathtaking sunsets:

Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset

…purging and packing for cross country client moves:


(Remember, PURGE BEFORE YOU RELOCATE! Why in the world would you want to spend your hard earned money on moving a bunch of stuff you no longer need/use/want? There are so many more fun ways to spend your cash, like on cheese, the waterpark with your kids, coffee, a concert with your lover, or that mani/pedi you need to take a few minutes to yourself, for:)

Now let’s continue the celebrating with throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend:

Party Cocktails

(Like bubbly? Fill a flute 80% Prosecco or Cava, and the rest with grapefruit. Fresh grapefruit is best, but bottled will do, too. Yum!)

…onto events that promote inclusion, diversity, health, wellness, and human rights!

All Gender Restrooms

Condom Couture Charlotte

Equality now and forever! (You do you, girl, boy, or whatever word/term/name/thing that suits you/you feel like you want to rock out.)

…a little bit of road trippin’ for Carolina Blue basketball:

He's Not Here

…and food! Oh how I love cooking and feasting with amazing people…one of the best ways to spend time:

Chimichurri Cauliflower

Chimichurri cauliflower!

Crunchy French Toast

Crunchy french toast! Roll your egg-battered bread through corn flakes and voila…french toast kicked up a notch. Especially with Schoolhouse Maple syrup, made by my friends. It doesn’t get better than this, and sugaring season now. Mmm. (Yes! You can order some here.)

2 months down in 2018, 10 more to go, and some really fantastic things are on the horizon. This Blue Lollipop Road party isn’t going anywhere, so be prepared to keep those sunglasses on, because the light is shining bright, baby. Whether you celebrate in quiet or out loud and proud, it’s all about taking a minute to appreciate simple things…every…single…day.

Today is the day. What are you waiting for?

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another successful breakfast by schoolhouse maple


…by successful, I mean delicious dips in the warm maple syrup that my friends Jon & Dana Finny make. My mangled because I still can’t get the hang of flipping pancakes properly, still taste amazing, doused in this stuff:


Ahhh…warm fall balcony breakfast mornings.

Thanks Jon & Dana!

You want some? Get some! (Did somebody say holiday gifts?) Drop Jon & Dane a line:

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pour some sugar on me

Meet my friends, Jon & Dana:

Cheers to syrup

These two started making maple syrup as a hobby a couple years ago. (You’re looking at a toast of the good stuff, above.) They’re now cranking out a serious production as a tiny team. As far as I remember, it takes 25+ gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. That’s right, twenty five plus gallons of sap! Talk about a labor of love:

Schoolhouse treats

*(Side note: Jon has been a travel buddy of mine for a long time. We’ve back-country camped, hiked, and road tripped across the USA together. We’ve both been writing our respective books for many years, and we’ve shared much great conversation about life over good beers. We’ve eaten Mexican food for Easter in Pueblo, Colorado after getting a speeding ticket as we drove through the middle of nowhere Kansas. Oh the adventures! Imagine my delight when he found and married Dana. It’s totally awesome when your bff guy friends find the coolest women to share their lives with. Lucky me to have such great friends.)

So what did these friends send in the mail last Friday?

I love snail mail

A mega maple syrup surprise!

Maple Syrup Goodness

Do you see the drops on the outside of the jug? Don’t tell anyone, but I definitely took a little taste of those because I was so excited. Finger-lickin’ good!

Saturday morning we made a huge batch of pancakes and found that our jug was so full, we had to dip some pancake pieces first:


…to make some room to pour. Mmmm:


(As you can see, I got so busy eating, I almost forgot to snap this photo.) Ohhh…sooo…good!

Are you jealous? You should be- this stuff tastes amazing!

Do you want to get your own? You can! Sweet! (See what I did there?:)

Jon & Dana’s School House Maple is still available to buy from this season. Here’s what they have:

Plastic Jugs:
Sampler ~ $3
1/2 Pint ~ $5
Pint ~ $10
Quart ~ $17
1/2 gallon ~ $32
Gallon ~ $58

Glass Growler or Tin:
Sampler ~ $5
Half Pint ~ $8
Pint (tin only) $14
Quart ~ $22
Half Gallon ~ $36
Gallon ~ $62

These prices are crazy good, so get some while it lasts! If you have any questions, you can email Dana directly:

Thanks Jon & Dana! You guys are the best!

What’s your labor of love?

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