what road will you choose for 2017?

I think I’ll take this one:


…this one:


…this one:

Spanish treats

…this one:

Sunshine in Segovia

…and lots of others like these, because:

Don't wait

We wake up each day and have one of two CHOICES:

1.) Ignore the clock.

2.) Honor the clock.

None of us can beat Father Time, not even those of us with good looks, charm, buckets of money, or who are strong as an ox. While this mighty beast of a timekeeper has full control, holding his finger on the button that decides whether we are here or gone, the one thing he cannot control is what we do with the minutes we’re gifted.

Don’t wait. There’s never the perfect or right time for anything in this crazy life. The time is now. Make a toast to honor yourself in this new year, and continue to toast to every day.

As Humphrey Hops says…

“You’re right Skinny Pete, it’s time that I do it. What am I waiting for? I better hop to it!”

#HopToIt #LessWaitingMoreDoingHappyLife #RespectTheClock


the absolute reality of black friday…

…and all “shopping,” really:



Funny that I’m finishing this book today, on Black Friday? More like perfect, as these now underlined words keep jumping out at me with the same passionate madness that Tom Cruise had that time he jumped on Oprah’s couch.

Have I mentioned how much I abhor Black Friday? A day like this fuels the giant denial fire that so many of us live in everyday. It fuels the debt fire, the stuff fire, the fire of pushing down and hiding away our real lives…because if we get more, more, more…we will be better.


The less “stuff” we have in, on, and around us, the happier life is. Period. This is not my opinion, it is a fact. I would like to be proven wrong, but I have a feeling I’d be hard pressed to find a guy out there with a few hundred thousand in debt, a house full of crap, and a bunch of personal baggage from growing up he’s never faced, who lives in pure true bliss. It’s just not possible. We as humans weigh ourselves down with such an enormous amount of what we don’t need, we actually break ourselves. Ever thought about that?

I hope during this holiday season you take a look around your space and think about what you can get rid of to make room for an extra hour with your friends. I hope you stop and think before going into Target, about what you really need at Target. I bet you’re not nearly out of that soap, lip liner, or rolls of 86 paper towels you’re about to buy. Think about that extra awesome hour you could have playing in the backyard with your kids, that you were about to spend at Target in line getting pissed off about how long they are, just so you could buy a bunch of things that you don’t even need yet. Target is open tomorrow, dooms day is not coming, and imagine- just imagine, actually finishing off one bottle of something before buying another. Imagine putting that “I can never get out of Target for less than $200!”, $200, towards an extra credit card payment that will help pave your road to debt freedom.


Do you remember how great it was “doing nothing” yesterday playing football with your sons, watching the parade with your cousins, sipping wine with friends as you chopped and chopped? Do you remember snuggling up having coffee on the couch listening to granny’s stories about that time she burned the turkey? Do you remember laughing until your stomach hurt between dinner and dessert reminiscing with your sister about those really crappy guys you both used to date? Do you remember what you said when you were all going around the table sharing what you were thankful for? Do you remember really missing that person who was no longer around to sit next to and feast with? Do you remember how yesterday was (even in varying degrees of friend and family chaos and drama), all about simplicity and time together? Did we already forget, less than 24 hours later, about the things that really matter?

What kind of gifts are really important for us to give each other, and everyday, not just during the holiday season? I think the answer is time and truth. I encourage us to stop and think about this before we rev our engines and speed off to the rat race of Black (hole) Friday shopping.

#LessStuffMoreFreedomHappyLife #LiveSimpleDoMore #LiveSimpleLiveMore

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get outta jail!

I just posted the below on my biz Facebook page. A simple explanation to the method of my madness and what I “do.”

I hope you will share this, and sign up for email notifications to get my blog in your inbox. After that, I hope you go do something fun today, and then do something nice for someone else. Having fun is awesome and being nice is awesome:

Happy Tuesday September 20th my friends! 
Lots of questions about what I/Blue Lollipop Road is/does recently, so here you go:

I’m a #SimplicityExpert!

I teach clients get rid of their stuff. (Translation; crap.) This means I help clear away the triangle of jail. That jail is the personal, physical, and financial dead weight that drags us down and all too often makes life really sucky and not fun:

1.) I talk to people about the dirty laundry/sad/crappy life “stuff” and help game plan to move forward better and happier.

2.) I help people deal with the chaos/disorder/clutter in their home space, and say goodbye to the “stuff” they no longer need or want.

3.) I work with people on stressful/frustrating money “stuff” and advise on how to waste less, reduce bills, and pay off debt.

Life is short! Isn’t #freedom sweeter than being trapped? I sure think so! Live OUTSIDE the triangle jail. I can help you #GetUnstuck.

#LessStuffMoreFreedomHappyLife #LiveSimpleDoMore #TodayIsThedayWhatAreYouWaitingFor?

Need a kick in the pants? Drop me a line and let’s get to work!

Remember; In order to do something, you have to start doing it first.
~ Diane 

Jump to freedom


bye bye octopus on roller skates

It’s Sunday morning. I’m sipping coffee in bed on this humid end of August day with a fan on me. All windows open, balcony door too. Love the heat and that it feels like summer is still here in full force and going to be for a while.

I’m reading this book:

Books to read

On Monday morning this week I helped a client with some money organization and in just a little over an hour I saved her thousands of dollars on 2 credit cards. (Interest, fees, etc.) Whoop! Freedom from debt! At the end of our session, she handed me this book. We’ve talked a lot about working for yourself, having a full plate, business, life feeling busy, etc.

It sure is hard to get anywhere if you’re an octopus on roller skates. Been there, done that, and finally conquering taking that 6th skate off for good to leave myself with just two to whirl around in. How about you? How many skates are you wearing?

The very first page of this book made me gasp. (In a good, happy way.) It immediately launches into describing this scene from the movie City Slickers:

…which happens to be my favorite movie ever.

In 1991 when City Slickers came out in theaters and I watched it for the first time, I was a mere 13 years old and in 7th grade. 25 years ago I don’t think I knew shit from Shinola as “they” say. I don’t think I yet thought about the meaning of life, or that “One Thing,” and I certainly don’t think I really understood what this movie was all about, but there was just something that always connected with me.

As I sit here now just after my 38th birthday thumbing the pages of this book and finding gems like these couple sentences:

What matters

…I completely get why I have always loved the movie City Slickers and I’m glad that I’ve stuck with something that matters so much to me; this crazy Blue Lollipop Road.

Somehow within the layers of life; the loss, heartbreak, chaos, madness, exhaustion and everything else that makes us so often feel wiped by days end, if we continue to stick to that The One Thing each day that means so much to us or do just One Thing each day that helps keep us organized, we will always be getting somewhere.

Keep crackin’, baby!

#NeverQuitting #StickToIt #OrganizationNotDeprivation



do stuff, don’t buy so much stuff

I like to wander by myself. I love people and connection and sharing for sure, but contrary to popular belief, I spend a lot of time alone and always have. If you have just started following here to give you an idea, I drove to Alaska from Wilmington, NC alone- and with no music a few years back; that kind of alone. Some think It’s weird. I think It’s awesome to go solo, sometimes.

Last weekend, as I wandered around the streets of Chicago alone (yes! – scored a super cheap non-stop round trip plane ticket for Memorial Day Weekend!), I observed a zillion people with shopping bags galore weighing them down. Knowing that one of the biggest reasons I could actually afford go to Chicago for some guilt-free good exploring, eating, and meeting up with old friends was the fact that I don’t ever weigh myself down with shopping bags galore, I had one of those aha moments:

DO stuff, people! Don’t BUY so much stuff! (“Stuff” here to me, means an over abundance of material CRAP that you simply do not use or do not need.)

If you’re offended by the word crap, please try not to be. I’ve been told a hundred times over that I/we should not call other people’s stuff “crap” but if we are being realistic, the extra (note I said, extra!) stuff piled in your closets and drawers that you forgot you even had, is kind of all just a bunch of crap. Wouldn’t you agree? If if makes you feel any better, I call my own stuff crap, too even though I have very little of it. I think a lot about what I would do if the small amount of stuff I own vanished. (I’ve actually lost it all before, and when I realized the people who took it all didn’t shoot me, I seriously felt relieved and lucky.) I can say with 100% confidence, that if all my stuff (crap) disappeared, but I had my health, people who loved me, and could sip a glass of wine, eat a block of cheese, and back that all up with a quality piece of chocolate, I’d be happier than a pig in you know what.

I’m thinking you might be right there with me.

And now we are off and running here on this Blue Lollipop Road with a little series moving forward I will theme; The Do’s & Don’ts of stuff

It’s all about priorities, really. Me, I find value and prioritize people, time, and experiences more than stuff. Some may not- but I think I can help encourage a little more prioritizing the important “stuff” here, so hope you jump on the train of less stuff = more freedom = happy life with me.

More on Chicago soon (I always pull that “soon” card, don’t I? I’ve got to keep you coming back:), until then today’s post is meant to share about today. My Sunday Funday and how I love the summer, the heat, and the colors of it all. During some client appointments today, I ran into a sweet little farmers market on a road I never go down, far from the city:

Farmer's Market



Farmer's Market
I stocked up for some good grilling.

Windows down, music blaring, then back to the house to sit outside and type here, one of my most favorite things to do:

Sunday Porch Time

EAT good stuff that you’ll really enjoy with good company, don’t BUY a bunch of (material) stuff you don’t really need.

Spend some time alone, prioritize, and live that life you want.

#LessStuffMoreFreedomHappyLife #DoStuffDontBuyStuff #Summer


live simple, do more

This video will be just one example in the gazilllion that are coming here on BLR about how living simply and less wasteful is not only good for the environment and your soul, but your pocket, too!

Why do we think things like traveling or using/eating homemade or local products is so unaffordable? Not true! Moving forward, I’ll be sharing a whole bunch on how to live big on a minimal budget. (And how to get yourself unburied from all those bills.) Blue Lollipop Road is all about LESS STUFF. MORE FREEDOM. HAPPY LIFE. It’s not about deprivation, It’s about choices, and being conscious about how, when, and where you spend your hard-earned loot!

Do you want more freedom from personal, physical, and financial “stuff” so you can do more of what you love?

Yes, please!

Awesome. Keep following along here, and sign up to get these blog posts in your inbox. Just scroll to the bottom of the home page and “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL.”

Blog post subscription

Life is way to short to waste so much of our time, energy, or money…on all that stuff that’s weighing us down.

Ready to make some changes? Yeah! I love working with clients who are sick of feeling buried. Drop me a line:



#StopWastingStartLiving #LessStuffMoreExperiencesHappyLife #LiveBigSpendLess


what do you choose?

This came into my inbox from one of the best real estate agents I know, with a “Made me think of you!” attached:

Feel the joy


Oh the choices we have each day if we are lucky enough to wake up and be healthy!

Today I challenge you to remember what brings you crazy amounts of joy, and to go chase it all the way.

#TodayIsTheDay #FindYourFreedom #Live



you will never need what’s in that box

Ahhh- I SO love this! Graham Hill is great. I watched this video a few years ago and thought it was completely awesome and spot-on. When it popped back up as I was perusing the TED Talk archives this week, I thought it deserved another post.

Making room, “for the good stuff”:

Years on the road owning so little and always hearing from people I met wishing they could “do more”, was the prefect opportunity for me to create my business and help clients do just just that. Oh the freedom of unleashing what we do not use or really need, so we have more time, “space”, and money!

Here’s to getting rid of all that weighs us down.

#LessStuffMoreFreedomHappyLife #LiveSimpleDoMore #TodayIsTheDayWhatAreYouWaitingFor?

Live simple. Do more.


Hello, hello and welcome to the all-new Blue Lollipop Road!

I am SO EXCITED (did I mention excited?) about not just a fresh and different look for my site, but for finally  sharing about a huge shift I’ve been focusing on for a while now.

First I have to give huge props to my branding company, Big Ring, for taking 7+ years of everything I’ve worked so hard on and putting it in to an online presence that looks amazing! I’m happy to report all the photos you see throughout Blue Lollipop Road are my own, nothing stock photo here, just all from years in travel and everyday life. The photos we chose to use from my archive of about 10,000, are some of my all-time favorites. If they give you any sense of freedom or feeling that anything is possible, then we have done our job!

So onto this new BLR:

You will see freedom as a theme throughout this new site and everything in my work. Many conversations I had during my years on the road over coffee or dinner with friends or strangers, and now in home base life have the same theme; people feeling like they just don’t have enough time, space or money (translation – freedom) to do things like:

A.) What they really want to do for work or a hobby.

B.) Spend time with family or friends.

C.) Work out.

D.) Travel.

E.) Go back to school.

Many, many more.

This great world is spinning and we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off because there somehow ends up being so much to do and think about in a day. I’ve never understood why it always seems to take some kind of tragedy, for us to slow down and think about what really matters, so I created a business that helps people take back time, space, and money so they can do more of what they love. That’s what life is supposed to be about, right?

This means I work with people in any kind of transition, or ready to make a change; Everyone from people moving/relocating, for work (managing everything from moving company to handyman and all in between), for fun, or for things not so fun, (Divorce, death in family), to people who are busy with their careers and kids who’s homes have become cluttered and need reorganizing, to people who want to downsize and live simpler, to people who need to reassess their baseline bills (when’s the last time you checked to see if your bank offers a lesser interest rate or why the cable company is charging you hundreds of dollars for basic cable and internet services?), to people who need systems implemented to make their homes function better, to people to want to make a huge life shift (quit job/start a business/start training for a marathon…), to people needing family vacation plans made, to people wanting to sell no longer needed furniture because they are remodeling, moving, or have just sent the last kid off to college.

All those kinds of projects and more.

I facilitate and manage whatever chaos and busy is going on and help you put healthy breathing room back into your life.

And I make the super stressful times, fun.


When clients write or call to tell me they could focus on work because they knew I was taking care of everything with their corporate relocation, or when they tell me they are now working out regularly and cooking with their kids because they could find the cook books, or that they have time to actually go to the gym because they feel more organized in their space, it makes me happy. Like clap up and jump up and down happy. It’s like being able to gift a sense of freedom, balance, and perspective for at least a moment, or a day in this big world of madness swirling around us.

I love it!

I hope reading this post and meandering through my spankin’ new pretty site makes you feel like you have a little extra pep in your step to go for that thing, that person, or that moment you’ve been missing. Let’s live simple, and do more of what we love and with who we love. If you have a hard time getting there yourself, call me. I’d love to help you get rid of the physical, financial, or personal “stuff” that’s weighing you down. We can tackle your busy beast/lift your burdens/exorcise your demons.

Life is short. Freedom awaits.

#LessStuffMoreFreedomHappyLife #LiveSimpleDoMore #TodayIsTheDay

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