I’ve been finding lots of awesome people and projects lately as I spend time reading and researching for my own projects…

I find it incredibly refreshing to come across the good instead of bad. In a world that constantly seems to stay focused on the negative and the drama, there’s actually a whole lot of awesome out there-  it just needs to be found. Hats off to people like Jason Pollock, Creator of Undroppable, for highlighting the positivity and hope that lives inside so many young people who might otherwise be misunderstood or go unnoticed.

Keep up the good work, Jason!

What makes you undroppable?

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million mile joe tour

I’m thrilled to share that my friends Joe (Aka Million Mile Joe) & Sharon LoCicero will be heading out on a cross-country tour soon to show off “Old Blue” and educate the public on what consistent maintenance, service, quality parts and American products can and will reward you with.(I’m currently trying to figure out how I can strap myself onto the roof of their trailer. Nothing makes my heart race with excitement like the news or possibility of a Great American Road Trip.) 

If you have been following here for any amount of time, you know I was sent by Honda during my sponsored road trip in September, 2011 to meet Joe. Give two people like Joe and I who are Honda Super Fans a full day together? We had a blast. Here we are driving in Joe’s famed Million Mile Honda:

Here is the stack of the mileage log notebooks Joe kept over the years:

(I’m a first take and un-edited kind of girl, so please excuse my every 2 second laughing and the dog barking!)

There are many more videos and photos from the first time Joe and I met, but fast forward to October, 2011 when Honda Hosted Million Mile Joe Day and gave him a new blue Accord:

Here I am with Joe during that celebration:

Million Mile Joe & Diane Peacock

It was a great day in Saco, Maine!

Since first meeting Joe & Sharon during the fall of 2011, we’ve kept in touch regularly and both never wavered in our love for Honda’s or spending time doing what we love. Joe & Sharon have not only donated to the Blue Lollipop Road Memorial Scholarship since my launch of BLR Play It Forward in 2012, but they drove from Maine to Vermont this summer to support me, Blue Lollipop Road and joined in the days events for Play It Forward, 2013. Sharon even made “BLR” cookies out of my favorite things; Oreo’s & Nutella in case this is your first visit here and you don’t know me yet:) and crafted up a BLR shirt for herself too!

Sharon LoCicero & Diane with BLR Play It Forward shirts

How awesome is that tee?! How awesome are they for donating to the scholarship fund and coming to support me in person with treats in hand?!

Here we are after the alumni game, when I was nice and sweaty:

BLR Play It Forward Day with Million Mile Joe & Sharon LoCicero

I’ve known about the planned “Million Mile Joe Tour” for a while now, so when I got an email with the link to their site last night from Sharon I was excited to poke around and read more about the tour. Check it out!

Joe & I happened to meet because of our love of a brand of car that has been a huge part of our lives, but what else would a single 30-something traveling, writing, nomadic, city-loving gal and a 50-something home-based, mechanic dad/husband country-loving guy have in common besides our love for Hondas? A lot. Joe has heart, he’s a hard-worker, he’s smart and dedicated. He spends time doing what he loves with the people he loves. From everything I’ve seen and experienced knowing Joe & Sharon for the past couple of years, I know they care about their community, and they do the right thing when nobody is watching. I’m proud to say they’re my friends! I couldn’t be more excited to follow their MMJ Tour. I hope you will join me in following their journey too, and try to meet them in person if they come to a town hear you.

Joe & Sharon are a perfect example of why I love being on “the road.” I stay inspired by people; Learning about their lives, hearing their amazing stories & about interesting projects they’re working on, constantly being humbled about the unexpected good that’s out there, and collecting lessons around every corner. I’m inspired by average “Joe’s” who have drive to do extraordinary things, and that are just plain GOOD people like the LoCicero’s of the world.

Thanks for being awesome Joe & Sharon! Here’s to the road.

Who inspires you?

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The way the sun beats off buildings in the early morning. Long Sunday brunches. Homemade postcards that come for you in the mail. Helpful, welcoming people. Fresh peaches. The smell of coffee brewing. People who do epic project and inspire you. Clean water to drink. Dripping sweat after a good work out. FaceTime with family. Mason jars. Putting photos on your refrigerator. Friends who send photos of their kids. Soccer. Laughing with your sister about bad haircuts. Polenta with garlic.


ttaa is back!

This weekend I thought about how long It’s been since I’ve posted TTAA. Way too long! (For those of you who might be new here, TTAA = Things That Are Awesome.) I just did a bit of Googling on myself and this nearly 2 year old TTAA post came up first. It made me smile for lots of reasons, mostly because what I think is awesome hasn’t changed a bit, I’ve just added more items to the list.

TTAA for this week:

Morning runs. Writing a letters and mailing them. Unexpected free lunch. Friends that email to share something happy they’re doing. Pine nut hummus. Stacy’s pita chips. Being happy for people that are on a great vacation. Candles. Chaise lounges. Bare feet. Being able to give advice to someone younger because you’ve been through it. Telling someone exactly how you feel and being completely comfortable with it. Clean white sheets. Books that make you want to be able to read faster. Ceiling fans. Friends that send photos of their kids with blue tongues. Hearing the heartbeat of a friends baby in her belly. Old friends calling to check up on you. Knowing who’s there when the going gets rough. Upcoming reunions with travel buddies. Sitting in the dark listening to the night. Emails from people that say: “You are the only person I know who always sends me a thank you note in the mail.” Having conviction. Maps. Sharpie fine point black pens. 80’s videos that make you laugh. Looking at old photos. Collaborative projects with fun, intelligent, good-hearted people. Recipes in my inbox for Blue Lollipop Nutella Delights. (That’s a special cookie made just for BLR!) Balconies. Wearing sassy heels.

So. Many. Awesome. Things:)



An overflow of the Daily Awesome:

17 year old t-shirts. Big brothers that make you laugh. Nephews that call you Poppy. Actual phone calls on your birthday. Upstate, NY. Dinners with incredibly interesting, loving and generous people. Surprise birthday packages that come in the mail from friends that have things inside that make you cry. Ice cream cake. “Large” pancakes. Movie marathons that include Along Came Polly and Bed of Roses with lots of laughs and eye rolls. Windows open on summer nights. Falling asleep listening to rain. Independence. Prosecco. Taking things for face value. Reiki sessions. Boat rides. People who are always smiling. Letting yourself dream. Turning 33. Annual voicemails with people singing an screaming in the background. Homemade veggie pizza. Waking up on a lake.



last round of surprises…for now

Ok, so I don’t know if some of these things qualify as surprises or not, but recently started calling the next phase of BLR and things I am updating surprises, so we will just roll with it.

If you’ve been following, you know that:

*We are in our 3rd year here on the Blue Lollipop Road
*We launched BLR Adventures last weekend with a wildy successful outing
*We have been working on a completely new site out to launch in the next couple weeks. I just got the tiniest little sneak peek and almost jumped out of my pants. (FYI that means I was really excited because these jeans are so tight I can barely breathe. Thank you winter and Nutella habit.)
*I remembered that I used to write a lot of TTAA (Things that are awesome) and had forgotten, but have recently brought them back and will make them regular posts.

So the other little surprise I have been brewing up…

One of the best things about my day is the people. Whether I meet and chat with a new person or old friend where I am living, or whether I am on the road in some teeny town in the middle of now where and meet a friendly stranger. Sharing time with people I can laugh with or learn from is hugely important in my day. Posting photos and stories here about people I meet in my travels has always been a favorite of mine and apparently yours too. The two entries that have the most all time hits here are “Meet Jack” and “Meet Willy Robinson.” I like talking to kids and older people like these two gents best because they are so unfiltered. Those are the genuine moments I am looking for.


The tribe has spoken! You all like to read about everyday people and I like to challenge myself to ask complete strangers random questions and if I can take photos of them. (Most people look at me like I’m nuts when I ask them this. Then they warm up once they see I just want their story, not their money.) I’m adding a “People” category here and will be posting fun stories about interesting characters on a regular basis moving forward.

Here’s to meeting the next Jack and Willy.



In going back into the Blue Lollipop Road archives recently, I had forgotten that I used to write about TTAA (Things That Are Awesome.) Here’s one I wrote while in Chicago a couple years ago. I am bringing back the TTAA, so look for it regularly moving forward. Here’s some from yesterday:

Driving by old antique stores that have rusty signs on the side:

Two Frogs on a Bike Antique store

Zoning out at a stoplight and looking up to see the sky and clouds look like this:

Winter sunset sky

French fries. Zumba. Catching up with friends you haven’t seen in almost 3 years. Coming home to a new fashion magazine in the mail. Knowing that it’s GOT to get warmer eventually. Looking forward to weddings. Looking forward to road trips. Owning who you are and what you do. Reading books friends have written. Phone calls from friends across the country.

Post a comment here and share what you think is awesome!