North Carolina

go take a hike

At least that’s what we did yesterday! Can’t keep me inside when It’s 75 and sunny, on a weekend or a week day. (It’s Monday and I’m typing this from an outside patio table; my office for the afternoon.)

Here’s our view from the top of the mountain:

Panoramic from the top

At the top

Mountain Top at Crowder's

Life on the Blue Lollipop Road

As seen in these photos, things are not quite blooming and green yet, but even though most the color was brown, the skies were still blue- so I was happy. (Obviously.) Minus the littering idiots who left their Dean & DeLuca lunch garbage all over the place, it was a perfect day. (For god’s sakes, people- stop littering!)

I think winter has reared It’s ugly head for the last time this year. (At least in NC, anyway.) Time to grab yourself, your family & your friends- and go play outside!

How do you enjoy the great outdoors?

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meet grazia

The Fabulous Grazia

This sassy, fashionable, world-traveling, 77-year-old, was the hostess of the Oscar Party I went to on Sunday night. I’d heard about how fabulous Ms. Grazia was for weeks. That was true and then some. This woman has the smile, energy, and the sharpness of a 27-year-old. She’s warm and welcoming to everyone around her. We had a blast.

Don’t you just love the sparkly vintage gown?! (Perfect that Lady Gaga is in the background on TV, too.) I’m about 40 years behind this lovely woman, but I hope to carry half the effervescence and joy for life that she has- for the rest of mine.

You inspire us with your never-ending smile, Grazia! – And absolutely embody my remember, celebrate, live mantra, by truly celebrating life. Love it!

How do you all out there, celebrate life Grazia-style?

#Oscars #LivingItUp #Ageless


don’t forget your condoms

We are going to this event tonight; Art, entertainment, and fabulous people- all to benefit Planned Parenthood:

Don't forget your condoms!

Whoop! Fashion creations made out of condoms by local artists? Awesome.

I’m a huge Planned Parenthood fan.

Years ago, I remember reading a gigantic binder full of thank you letters sent in by girls of all ages when I was in a Planned Parenthood office in Virginia, waiting to have my annual exam. (God those exams are about as fun as never eating chocolate again.) Some of the letters made me smile, some made me cry, mostly they made me thankful that there was a safe place to help girls who had nowhere else to go. When you’re a young woman sitting in a quiet waiting room reading words written by a 15 year old who lived in an abusive home and was always told she’d “get the shit beaten out of her” if she ever came home pregnant, but was fortunate enough to have a place to get birth control pills, or from a 23 year old who was scared out of her mind not knowing how to tell her boyfriend she was pregnant, but was fortunate enough to have somewhere that offered counseling to coach her to have that conversation with a positive result- it makes you stop and think about your own life; That could be me, any of us- and what would I have done if I was in those shoes and had no where to turn? 

Thank you, Planned Parenthood.

I believe that every one, every day has a chance and a choice to change their life. I will always be in major support of any organization that offers chances and choices for those who might not have them otherwise. Hat’s off to Planned Parenthood for all their years of education and advocacy to protect and advance women’s health and rights.

If you are in Charlotte, NC tonight- come join us for a fun night with an awesome mission!

How do you support the organizations you believe in?

#SupportYourCommunity #Choices #CLTEvents


by come back, do they mean live there? if so- i’m in

***(Somehow this was left in my draft folder of posts from last summer, so I am finally publishing now on February 5th, 2015. I have to say even though I am wearing a scarf and freezing today, I would pay about 30 bucks right now to be sipping on one of these babies…)

I’ve proclaimed the Mocha Java Shake at Port City Java as the best frozen chocolate/coffee sipping treat ever before. Well, watch out PCJ! Enter Come Back Shack:

Road food- milk shake

I’ve been counting days looking forward to my annual fresh air green space summertime north in Upstate, NY and Vermont. (By counting days I mean um, We took a little drive to Boone and Blowing Rock, NC from Charlotte (yay for green mountain air and space!) and stopped for a treat on our way back out of town. One of the best shakes I’ve ever had!

Where do you find treats?

#RoadFood #LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #Yum


road should be my middle name

I like being on the road and in my car so much, that on days like today I often hop in, and go park somewhere just a few blocks away in my own neighborhood to read, write, or just let my mind wander. I feel like I’m on an adventure, even just simply being outside on a street in my own town.

Check out the sun beaming in from this afternoon:

Afternoons in my car

That’s what I’m talking about! Can’t beat this kind of free awesomeness.

How do you find adventure in your own town?

#SunLove #NomadAtHeart #HomeOnTheRoad



Oh what a ride it has been! One little post started it all on October, 16th 2008 and here we are 6 years later!

Many adventures:

Life on the road

…and much hard work on all of this, has taught me to love more than I ever knew possible, live more than I was already trying to, and dream bigger than I already knew I could. Thank you to all of you who have followed, loved, and supported me all these years! I hope I have inspired you to live like you mean it.

Here’s to always trusting your instincts, chasing everything that you’re curious about, and and never settling for anything less than what sets your heart on fire.

What are you doing to live like today is the day?

#BLRBirthday #LifeOnTheBluelollipopRoad #DreamItDoIt


friday nights at the pumpkin patch

Just living on the edge we are!

Who needs a bar to kick off the weekend (or a shower after the gym for that matter…)? No judgies at the farmers market. Farmers like a little dirt. I do too:)

Pumpkin love

Mini pupkins for a mini living space! I thought this one had some strong mojo:

Pumpkin patch fun

This is Friday night on my road. What adventures will your road take you on this weekend?

#FridayNightFun #Pumpkins #Fall


spider “selfie”

We had some after dinner espresso on a friends porch in NC Sunday night and had a party crasher. I didn’t want to get too close to this creepy crawly thing:

Spider Selfie

…but then I got a little brave:

Spider Selfie

I needed a little reach around photo help to get this shot, I was chicken to get too close. A spider up the nose, anyone?

How do you play on your back porch?

#HalloweenIsComing #Spiders #EasilyEntertained