unexpected attachments

I don’t usually get attached to possessions. I generally think “stuff” weighs us down, physically and emotionally, ties up money unnecessarily, and ultimately, isn’t what’s really important. Well, I might be eating my opinions on that subject for a moment as I just threw out my favorite running shorts I’ve had for at least 10 years. (Ten years!) Here they are:

Favorite Brooks running shorts!

…I got attached!

I’ve been holding on for weeks, but the elastic finally wore completely out, so as this set of trusty gear kept falling down during my run this morning, I decided it was time to say goodbye. (Otherwise the gift that would’ve kept on giving this holiday season would be my full moon to all the neighbors. Ho ho ho!)

Running is a huge part of my life, a near daily and very necessary thing for my sanity, but I hadn’t realized in addition to the running, these shorts have been necessary as well. I’ve cranked out between 20 and 55 miles a week for years, because I like to eat, and want to stay fit, but mostly because, like driving- running is this healthy drug for me, this high, my religion. It makes me feel like a million bucks. The thoughts, the plans, the hopes, the dreams, the everything and then some that’s swirled like wildfire through my head while wearing those shorts all this time beating feet, all those miles. I’ve run on sweltering days and in frigid temperatures, in the rain, in the snow, in the country, in the city, through the woods alone, through crowds of people, I’ve cried tears as I’ve jogged down trails and laughed too, I’ve almost lost limbs as I’ve bobbed and weaved between cars, I’ve had aha moments, I’ve been inspired, disappointed, I’ve pushed through heartbreak and loss, and felt exhausted, elated, empowered- I’ve even run a marathon:

Diane Peacock at the PF Chang's Rock N' Roll Marathon, 2004

…and then some, all in that one little pair of plain black Brooks brand running shorts. Oh the countless stories and secrets these shorts will hold forever. Thank you Brooks for making a near indestructible product! Never did I consider I’d have a panic moment finally letting a piece of clothing go (I mean- that seems crazy, right?)- but as Kenny Rogers says:

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

From now on, my feet-beating while dreaming up next adventures and possibility will have to happen in some new shorts. Maybe I’ll get over-attached to a rainbow print pair this time.

What possession holds countless stories and secrets of yours?

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meet henry

Henry of Griffith Street Consignments

I met henry today at Griffith Street Consignments, and bought this antique trunk from him:

Antique truck

Antique truck

It’s no secret that I like talking to strangers, but today I was on a search and in one-track mind mission mode, not necessarily my chatty self…until Henry came over to ask if I was finding everything Ok.

There we stood near that fantastic trunk for the next 30 minutes, talking away. I started the bartering process (of course– my Mother taught me well!), he gave me a bit of a discount, he asked where I was from, I told him Vermont, he said I was the first person he’d ever met from Vermont. From there we went into full life story speed-share. He’s from North Carolina, retired Army (thank you military men and women!), he used to own a big furniture staging company after he retired and before the housing market crash, I told him I’ve traveled all over the US and beyond, have always lived pretty sparsely, that all my belonging fit in my car, and that I had come to Charlotte because It’s one of the only east coast cities I haven’t explored much of yet. He shared about his time in the military, that he has dogs, keeps a garden, and for years himself- lived very simply and sparsely when he was young, owning few belongings:

“Once during my Army years, I flew in from Germany to Brooklyn and drove back down south with everything I owned, including a parakeet in a cage…all in my Austin-Healey!” – he told me with an adorable chuckle. (The above photo does no justice to Henry’s happy, smiley face in real life.)

(Side note: I love that Hemmings Motor News– which is based in my home town- popped up first when I Googled “Austin-Healey” to get car info.)

I asked Henry if I could take his photo and joked, “unless you think I am crazy of course…” He replied “Oh I am crazy too, so no worries!” We laughed. He was kind, sweet, interesting, and full of life & stories. I could’ve stayed and talked with him for hours.

One of my most favorite ways to spend time has always been to spend it with kind, sweet, interesting people, who are full of life and full of stories, especially with those who happen into your path and make a little mark on your day when you least expect it. What a treat.

Thanks for making my day Henry! I’ll look forward to hearing more stories when I come back to pick up my new (old) trunk.

What kind of people do you enjoy spending time with?

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blr supports people doing good

It’s Friday! Want to pay it forward and donate a few bucks to an amazing young woman who’s constantly giving back to her community?

Support my former employee and friend Crystal Collins here for her AIDS Walk Philly Campaign. I just did!

I’ve known Crystal for close to 10 years now. When she walked in the door for an interview with me in 2004, she was a quiet, mousey, college kid who seemed so shy. First impressions can be deceiving! She ended up blowing my mind with her personality, drive, ambition, and work ethic. (And she continues to.) In the years since Crystal worked for me, she’s traveled far and wide helping people in need around the globe, she’s volunteered/worked for countless community activist groups, and she’s mentored hundreds of teens. She never fails to have a sweet positive energy that makes me smile every time I see or talk to her. I feel like a proud mamma watching her grow. She has an absolute heart of gold. This “kid” is really one in a million.

Thank you for being awesome Crystal! You inspire me. I feel honored to call you my friend.

Help me support this amazing young woman and one of her many selfless projects!

Who do you support?

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sunday new york times

A sunny morning with coffee and the New York Times travel page definitely makes up one of my favorite ways to start a Sunday. In today’s Frugal Traveler article, one line in particular by Writer Seth Kugel caught my eye:

I’ve almost always found that a dose of personal discomfort is often a sacrifice worth making in the search for good travel experiences.

I couldn’t agree more! Finding the best people, places, food, or adventure often requires stretching yourself out of your cozy comfort zone. Think about it; How is an experience going to knock your socks off, if you already know what’s coming?

Here’s to jumping uncomfortably into the unknown and coming out at the other end with a far richer experience than you ever imagined.

When is the last time you jumped?

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I’ve been finding lots of awesome people and projects lately as I spend time reading and researching for my own projects…

I find it incredibly refreshing to come across the good instead of bad. In a world that constantly seems to stay focused on the negative and the drama, there’s actually a whole lot of awesome out there-  it just needs to be found. Hats off to people like Jason Pollock, Creator of Undroppable, for highlighting the positivity and hope that lives inside so many young people who might otherwise be misunderstood or go unnoticed.

Keep up the good work, Jason!

What makes you undroppable?

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