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lucky me to have held this hand

This weekend brings a sad ending, but inspiration for new beginnings, too. I have so much to write and share here, about a very special person. This is just a preview…

Sam was my boyfriend years ago. I saved this photo, through many iPhoto edit sessions when clearing my computer, even though we never stayed in touch after we parted ways. I never knew if I would ever talk to Sam again even though I stayed in touch with some of his close friends. I never knew if he and I would reconnect in any way, but this photo always made me smile so I never deleted it:

Sam Shelby

Boy am I glad I kept this. I will cherish this photo forever. I’ve had a Sam Shelby blog post brewing for months now, and it will come, very soon.

It’s beyond surreal that I will attend a service for this man on Sunday. Lung cancer is a nasty, nasty, bitch. It took this super healthy, non-smoking, happy-go-lucky person who we all loved so much- out of nowhere, and so quickly.

It is so hard not to curse and hate this world, sometimes.

Please, as soon as you read this, go hug, and get all love-y, up on anyone you think is amazing and tell them what they mean to you. Love hard, don’t be afraid to speak up and say whatever’s on your mind, and take a chance on anything. Let Sam’s sweet, big smile, be your inspiration.

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hello monday!

(…because every day is a chance and a choice to drive your life.)

I sat on the very chilly balcony this morning to watch the sunrise. Under a blanket I was in the quiet while clutching my steaming cup of coffee to my chest for warmth thinking of my friend Sam. News yesterday that Sam passed away after his 9-month battle-royale with the ever-hated cancer. (F*CK CANCER!!!) I imagined my sweet and always-smiling friend floating to a much happier, healthier place into the blue above:

Uptown CLT sunrise

Yesterday at just about the very second Sam passed, I was starting a hot yoga class at a place for the first time. It happened to be the instructors birthday. As this instructor announced how thankful he was on his day of birth for all the people around him, and how life should be a celebration, all I could think of was Sam and think of the irony of a death day and a birth day.

Not that I have ever been, or would be ashamed of crying, but I did keep thinking that I was thankful for all the sweat dripping off me so everyone around me wouldn’t be able to see my streaming tears.

People like Sam, should never be ripped from our earth this early. Clearly some one or some thing, somewhere, needed him to bring his smiles to do a bigger job than he was already doing living with us here.

I will share more about Sam soon. For today, Monday September 14, 2015, I just wanted to share a quick note about how much much he will always mean to so many of us. A true Mojo Warrior. I encourage you reading this to be inspired by him, even if you didn’t know him. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it is that he would want every single one of us to fully celebrate the time that we have.

TODAY is the day to tell someone you love them. TODAY is the day to take a leap of faith. TODAY is the day to start that thing you’ve wanted to. TODAY is the day to start really living if you are not already. TODAY is the day to be fearless.

Live while you are living. Sam sure did. What a guy.

#TodayIsTheDay #ForeverMojoWarrior #DoItWhileYouCan


we are only fools if we stay afraid

A voicemail just came in from a friend I haven’t talked with in quite a while. A cheery long message that made me smile, including “Peacock! (my last name in case you didn’t know) “I appreciate your tenacity!”

I went to my iPhoto for an image I remembered taking when I was in Alaska 5 summers ago thinking It’d be funny to share here, illustrating sassy bad-assness & tenacity- then immediately thought of something else. Mind shift and a few minutes of scrolling later, I ran across this random scribble from an old Moleskin notebook:

Dare to dream

I can’t remember if that date is when I wrote this or when someone else sent this quote to me.

I spent time with a very special person yesterday, a very tenacious person who’s very sick, but definitely being nothing but positive about getting better. (I’ve got nothing on tenacity compared to this guy.) Impressive and humbling are not even the words. You think you get it, have respect, or appreciation for a situation, then you spend a couple hours staring straight into the face of a fight you can’t in the slightest, imagine taking on. You think you’re strong & mighty, then you see someone who just blows your mind having the strength in spirit that could crush a concrete wall with the brush of a fingertip. You think you’re spending your time wisely, and realize you could be spending it even more wisely.


Lucky me to spend time with someone who might be afraid, but would never let himself stay that way if so- because tenacious is the only way to be. I am forever inspired.

Be tenacious, people. Be tenacious. Be unafraid to look like a fool for love, for your dreams, and for the adventure of being alive.

#TodayIsTheDay #GameOn #MojoAlwaysWins

***(My wonderful friend Laura called me after posting this and reminded me the above was an excerpt from The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, and she read it at her wedding. Love that.)