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What happened on June, 26 1996? I graduated high school in the Green Mountain State. I think that’s the last time I ever saw a guy named Jake Hill until he popped up on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago with a “Saw this today, thought of you!”

License Plate BLR


You are totally awesome…thanks! Love this. Hope life has been good to you since high school. Thanks for keeping an eye out for the Blue Lollipop Road!

Who else has got a picture for me?

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i want to hang out with these people!

This. Is. Hilarious.

Some girls wish for diamonds and pearls and all things fancy when they meet their person. Me? If I could sing-and-dance-party through life in sweats like this woman with her man having a blast- put a fork in me! That’s my love heaven. So fun.

Can you say hop on the party train these two are riding?

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this makes me crave an otter summer…

…from Otter Creek Brewing Company.

No matter where I am in the country, every time I see a Vermont license plate, my stomach does a happy flip. I love my home state. I spotted this VT plate and sticker a couple days ago in Chicago and had to smile:

Vermont beer bumper sticker

There sure is a lot of delicious beer in the Green Mountain State. Here’s to local brews for the summertime!