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celebrate everyday: day 17

There’s a WHOLE BIG world out there…

Today I celebrate airports:

CLT Airport

I love being at the airport people watching, especially coming off a flight and walking to the exit or baggage claim with my fellow travelers and watching the greetings and reunions that happen. Such awesome happy moments to share in, even with complete strangers.

Are you missing someone? Buy yourself a plane ticket and go fly the friendly skies to see them. You’ll never regret it.

Today is the day, what are you waiting for?

#HopToIt #RespectTheClock #AdventureAwaits

*Need someone to convince you to just go? Call me! (804.339.6514) I can help.


hello (again, again) monday!

I’m on a bit of a Monday kick lately. A seize the day-let’s crush it-go get it-make it happen, kind of kick. Why not? Life is short- inspire yourself! I’m digging it. After a crazy busy work weekend, this Monday kicks off on an airplane to a week of fun and writing focus:


Besides family & friends, some of my favorite things include travel, chocolate, and wine, so I’m headed to get some of the best and I can’t wait. T-11 hours until I’ll be standing in fabulous company with a glass of liquid grape in my hand. Whoop!

This morning while a passenger behind me in line during check-in grumpily yelled at the ticketing agent, I chatted happily & laughed with the nice guy behind me. While groups of business people rushed to their gates, I stood in the sun-drenched windows, staring at the planes, daydreaming like an excited kid heading off to Disneyland:

Flight plan

I love airports; the people that are a little off their rockers, the chaos of air travel commuters, those with the thrill of the trip of a lifetime happening, the anticipation of going to see someone you love, the start of a new life adventure…all that energy and madness! (And people watching is the best, of course. Humans are never-fail entertainment and always interesting to study.)

Now boarding at gate A12…

How are you doing Monday?

#Travel #DontWait #LifeOutsideTheDroneZone