whoop whoop!

Yesterday we had the most hits ever. (As in visitors here.) That deserves a big CHEEEEEERS! So? Some bubbly:

Bubbles at Mumm Napa

Those delightful glasses were the ones I sipped at Mumm Napa during a day off in the Valley this fall. I love some good bubbles. Especially bubbles at Mumm.

Baby steps have turned into big steps. We are hitting the tipping point with Blue Lollipop Road. Every new reader, shout out, comment and collaboration we get to work on makes me screech with delight. Thanks everyone!

Keep reading and spread the word. More to come and it’s going to get even better!

Cheers to trusting your gut and following what you love.

What are you all following out there?


hot air balloons and bubbles

Don’t tell anyone, but I took this photo while I was driving yesterday morning. (Hey, I didn’t want to miss a close-up shot!)

Hot Air Balloons in Yountville, CA

The day before, I snapped these leaf-changing vines at Mumm on my day off:

Fall at Mumm Napa

If you work IN the wine biz like I have been here, you rarely get to run around and go tasting yourself, because you are so busy serving others the good grape juice. I managed to weasel some time in for bubbles, after all- they are my favorite. I love fall, I grew up in Vermont and changing leaves of an kind have always been beautiful to me. In Vermont I’d be drinking cider and eating apple doughnuts looking at the beautiful changing colors through the windows with good company. Here in Napa I have done the same- just with a bit of sparkling instead.

I will never again have a first harvest season in Napa, with a first time working for a winery. I will probably not live in a lot of places where I can see hot air balloons filling the sky each morning or where I’m able pop in on my way home from running errands for a sip of some wine or food that’s known around the world. For these, and many other delicious reasons I am giving my thanks this year.

Cheers to never taking any moments good, bad or bubbly (hee hee…) for granted.


how you know when you’re really in love with something

*You think about it everyday. Even if you are insanely busy, stressed or otherwise pre-occupied
*You sometimes put it before yourself
*You feel like if it’s not a part of your day, your day is incomplete
*You feel lost without it
*If you never got to see it again, your heart would be broken in two
*If a someone proposed the question; “If you could do anything in the world, what would if be?”- it would be that thing

That’s how I feel about Blue Lollipop Road and sharing my life, in all the glory and madness here; I’m in love with it. It makes me feel free. Not writing here even for just a whopping few days was a much needed space and break, but has made me feel like I lost my love, my puppy, my best friend. I have too much to say to keep my mouth shut for long. There’s all that cool and funny stuff that happens during the daily bs that I can’t wait to share too, so here I am again. What can I say, I just can’t stay away.

If you know me or if you’ve visited here more than once, you know I am more comfortable sharing and being wide open than hiding things. This sometimes gets me in trouble. I have no problem telling people when or why I love them or when I think they suck. This sometimes gets me in trouble. I can stomach and be smiles and rainbows even to the biggest of jerks, but cross me or someone I love and I will go postal on your ass. This sometimes gets me in trouble. Living life open on the world wide web sometimes gets me in trouble, but it’s worth it and then some. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have said it before and I will say it again; I won’t change who I am, being truthful, or how I write because I am afraid that someone won’t like me. (Yes, this includes any current/future employers, boys, in-laws dogs, chickens or other.) Sorry.

I took this cute (bad) photo (with my phone) at a wine event in The Marina today in San Fransisco:

Ice truck at Vintners Market in San Fransico

I only have ICE for you Blue Lollipop Road!

In more news; I just saw the New Kids on the Block perform with the Backstreet Boys on the American Music Awards. I’m not even sure what to say about that, but I do have another announcement that will come soon. Don’t you just love surprises?


sunday strangers

I have been relishing in my last few Napa weeks, going for runs, walks, wanders in the morning in what’s been an insanely warm and just absolutely gorgeous balmy few days in November. I’ve also been working a ton to get some loot in the bank account. Buying 3,000 miles worth of gas for my upcoming cross-country trek is not cheap. I went to bed on Friday night at 8:40pm (I know- I’m living on the EDGE!) I’ve been just loving floating about, relaxing, waking up to grapevines and being thankful for my learning experience and time in wine country. This will certainly go in the books as yep, I’ve even worked a harvest season in Napa- how cool!

While I was working today, I met a spunky older woman who’s a college professor. She made me look quiet, boring and shy. This woman has the energy to light a fire to something when she walks by it. I was playing hostess and we got to chatting with another girl I work with. It didn’t take long for the worlds of “Do it, do it while you can, if I could ever go back and have gone, moved, done more traveling, etc. before there were mortgages, kids and all- I would have.” I have heard these words a million times over. Always from extremely accomplished, much older and well respected people. These words from this spunky stranger today made me and my coworker, who I have a lot in common with, very happy. (Not that I need permission to go and do you know that I’ll do what I want regardless of what anyone says.) It’s nice to hear words like those from someone who’s lived long enough to know better after going some places and doing plenty of things.

I’m excited. Like really excited. I know you all read about a lot of things that “excite” me, but the excitement I feel now is an true excitement for life, work and possibility that I have not felt for about 4 years. I didn’t realize until my time here how much of a tough, but needed growing phase I’ve been in these past few years. I feel like me again, but even better. Just ready to take the world by storm, knowing what I want and being able to actually vocalize it.

On a bonus note, I had a comment from a new blog follower today, a return email from a business owner who’s website I found and complimented her company (I told her I’d love to work with her!) and an after work cocktail at this gorgeous green hotel and spa with a new friend who I’m quite convinced in the short time we’ve known each other- will be one of those lifer pals.

Now that’s what I call a Sunday Funday!