leave cash on the bumper, or?

I stopped to buy a barrel from this person a couple weeks ago, even though- what the hell do I need a barrel for, I practically live out of my car- but there was no one around so a photo had to suffice.

Roadside sale in Napa, CA

I really just wanted to donate $15 to this person, get their story on why they were pulling out all the stops to go to London. I would have liked to post a photo of their face here. You know I fully support wanderlust and adventurers. I love someone who has no shame and just goes for it. Why not? I hope you made it across the sea, stranger!


farm to table

I LOVE this place. I can’t remember if I have written about it before, but here it is again:

Farmstead. Farm to table dining in St. Helena California. YUM. Farmstead is a big part of the reason I was only a vegetarian for like 22 seconds.

If you are visiting the Napa Valley, you must stop here to have a glass of something red with the meatball appetizer and salt rolls while sitting outside by the fire.

Just thinking about it makes me smile, lean back in my chair and sigh…


is that a ski gondola on a car…

…or are you just happy to see me?

I walked past this ride last night after fun times in the Mission in San Fransisco:

Ski gondola car in the Mission in SF, Cali.

Yep, the car and gondola are all spray-painted silver. (Smiles and daydreaming of rat race…) I just can’t get enough of funky culture and the ridiculous blast of surprises around every corner in city neighborhoods.

Here’s to never leaving your camera at home and unplanned nights out wandering with my old high school pals.


i have a crush

As promised, here is my video of the crush some friends and I happened to walk into:

The guys that were managing the crush walked over and gave us some of the grapes to eat. Once you’re fortunate enough to nosh on some of these incredible little fruits fresh off the vine, you’ll never be satisfied with another grape again! This action was all happening last night at Merryvale in St. Helena, California. I snapped a photo of one of the many bins of grapes too. The photo didn’t come out great, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of what goes into those delish bottles of wine we all love:

Cabernet Sauvignon at Merryvale Winery 10.23.10

I felt like jumping in!

While I type this I am sipping on some 2006 Petite Sirah from Swanson Vineyards. Yum. After my stay in the Napa Valley during harvest season, I will forever have a higher appreciation for wines I drink. I take a bow to the brilliant winemakers of the world. The devotion and patience it takes for them to make their magic is beyond impressive. What a fantastic experience it has been for me to be here during harvest season 2010!


everybody’s girl friday

I did some office work for a lawyer in Saulsalito last week. It was interesting and different thing to throw in the mix of my recent professions during my stay in California. I’ve been a baby sitter, a house sitter, a dog sitter, a bartender, a lawyers assistant, financial organizer, home organizer and a will be spending the rest of my days until I head east working at a couple different wineries. All very sporadic, but welcomed and help me to scrape by until I land something full time elsewhere.

When I was working in the gorgeous little city of Saulsalito, I had lunch one day at a joint of a spot with yummy Asian food. I had to take a photo of my plate because this was the most odd looking friend egg that topped my meal I had ever seen:

Asian lunch and odd fried egg in Saulsalito

I also went to a place for coffee called Taste of Rome. Oh my fantastic. Tried and true cappuccinos here. I didn’t nosh on anything, but this little sidewalk, open air cafe’ would be the first place I’d hit up if I was in the mood for Italian eats and treats. One of the most fabulous things about California is the fresh food that you can get, around every corner. Restaurants, grocery stores, roadside farm stands, ahhh….you know I love that. Even with the odd looking eggs!


c casa su casa?

I’m coming up on 4 weeks in Napa and things are ROLLING. By that I mean I have met a ton of incredible people, had some of the best food and wine I have ever in my life and now have had an absolute awesome furry of work stuff rushing in too. Obviously all that takes me away from here but fear not- that is part of the plan.

BLR is getting a facelift (in more ways than one), I now have a few clients for my financial and life organization project, and I’ve got other work in addition to that too. I like paying my bills and I totally suck at sitting around doing nothing so this delicious bit of total productive and learning chaos is just what I’ve been looking for.

I might just take over the world. If only more hours were in a day.

Here’s a photo of my REEEEEdiculously delicious taco from lunch today in between running around like a madwoman at C Casa in the Oxbow Market in Downtown Napa:

Taco lunch at C Casa, Oxbow Market, Napa

Finger potatoes, fresh tomatoes, queso fresca, cilantro and ahh….

Can I tell you how amazing it is to have so many noshing spots that use compostable products and serve grass fed meats, and locally grown stuff? Can I tell you how much I need to sign up to start racing again and up my miles? There’s no getting away from feasting around these parts- ack! (Not that I am trying that hard to get away…) My dreams of being a size zero are so not happening in this lifetime. (Insert fake sigh here. I’m actually not that disappointed about that.)

Back to work I go. I had to quick post this deliciousness…


meet lowell

Lowell was bellowing “Popcorn for beautiful ladies!” through his popcorn bucket megaphone as my friend and I walked by his stand on Friday night:

Lowell at Cheers St. Helena

He had us at popcorn. We got some of course. He cracked me up, so I asked if I could take a picture of him. “Only if you will be in it with me!” he said.

We couldn’t argue with that:

Erin, Lowell and I at Cheers St. Helena

Strangers that make me laugh, Cheers St. Helena to kick off the weekend and good company in the packed streets of an adorable little town in wine country- I love it!


dinner at a castle

I try to be a vegetarian, but it just doesn’t work to well when someone offers you a filet like this:

Castle filet

(Grass-fed local beef tastes too good to pass up, what can I say?)…and with fabulous red wine and hilarious company like this? I’m all about it:

Our castle dinner table

I know, the waiter in the corner looks red-eyed and creepy like he’s going to kill us. (Darn red-eye photos!) He was actually funny and nice and brought me 3 chocolate desserts. Girls like boys that bring them multiple chocolate desserts.

Oh chocolate dessert

We had so much fun at the 50 year reunion of Phi Sigma Kappa last night, we are still laughing this morning. These are just a few photos. I have a video to come too. Also an after dessert port wine group photo with my friend/partner in Napa crime Erin and our new boyfriends who are all in their 70’s. All we had to do for this fun? Hand out a few name tags. What a great score.

It feels like I’m living in a carpe diem party everyday. I like this party a lot. I think I’ll stay.