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celebrate everyday: day 6


I sort of feel like a big wimp continuously talking about how cold it’s been in North Carolina when it’s been in the 30’s all week. 30 degrees would feel like an epic heat wave to any New Englanders right now. I talked to a friend in Maine today and he told me it had been colder there than in Antarctica. Wha?!

I’m better suited for bare feet than booted, so I think I’ll stay south for home base.

A silver lining to frigid temperatures and having to hunker down, is that we can get things done that we’ve been avoiding, or too busy to do for the past X amount of time. Like clearing inboxes. I was able to delete 100+ messages from my phone today. At this very moment I have this gloriously empty scene on my screen:

Clear Phone

Ahhh! Clean, clear, and under control.

What else about this snuggled in Saturday? I knocked out a bunch of work, took care of some travel plans, read a little, and even baked banana bread. (Don’t get too excited, I’m not that domesticated.) Sometimes the go, go, go feels better to stay, stay, stay. Today I celebrate the cold. (You’ll probably never hear me say that again, so note this day as monumental.)

Now that I’ve given the cold a little love…is it pool season yet? I’m ready for a tropical cocktail in the blazing sun.

What are you clearing out of your life to make room for, today?

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celebrate everyday: day 2


I just got back from a 5 mile run. It was 14 degrees with a “feels like 7” according to my phone. According to me, it felt like my ears could’ve frozen off. Holy moly, that was about the coldest run I have ever done in the state of North Carolina. I’m from Vermont, but to me 65 degrees is cold, and if I never saw a snowflake again it would probably be to soon. I like frigid temperatures about as much as I like Trump, but let’s stay on track here- we’re supposed to be talking about celebrating, not hate…

Today I celebrate that I have feet. Two that are healthy and work:

Running Shoes

I’ve been a runner since high school, and put in miles all over the globe, on beaches, in cities, on back country dirt roads- you name it. There have been treadmills along the way (including at the “free” gym downstairs in my building, and at the YMCA I pay to be a member at, a mile away from where I live), but running outside is so much better. I think the only time I have ever run on a treadmill was in my building gym in Chicago a few years back, and only because Dwayne my doorman saw me heading outside to pound the negative temperature Windy City pavement and he yelled at me. (Good thing someone takes care of us stubborn people over here.)

If one of my least favorite things is the cold, why would I go outside to run on a day like today? Because I want to feel alive, strong, and celebrate the fact that I’m lucky enough to have a 39 year old body that can. No excuses.

If you’re snuggled up all warm & cozy next to your lover, or with a book the next time Siri tells you it’s as cold as a you know what making you feel unmotivated to move your body, just jump. Jump out of bed, and get out the door to do whatever it is that makes you feel alive and strong. I promise you will feel totally badass after you’re done.

Get moving! I know you can do it. Consider this a stinky feet high-five from me.

What moves you?

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baby it’s cold outside…

…but I make a damn good grapefruit vodka martini inside!

Cocktails keep you warm

It’s 4:30pm Friday January 22nd and we’re sitting in Charlotte, NC at home during this “epic” (thanks, CNN) storm Jonas. First snow, and more coming. Cars are already completely encased in their bubbles of frozen water which means you have to chisel around your doors to get them open unless you want to wait until everything melts. Cars look like this one in Buffalo, NY parked near Lake Erie recently:

Frozen Car Lake Erie

Ok, so maybe it isn’t quite that bad, but it is definitely hard to break into your own car during storms like this in the south.

This was the view of a freeway near my apartment this morning. It’s typically packed, often bumper to bumper Monday – Friday:

Charlotte Freeze


And this was my view of Uptown (what people around here call downtown):

Charlotte Freeze

You can’t even see the buildings. Whiteout. fog out. Don’t go out. The city is completely shut down.


So what to do?

Yes, we were responsible; Thanks to the interwebs, after sleeping in a little, we “hit the (work) books” to wrap the week, and just now got the bright idea for tropical delicious cocktails. (Did I mention our friends were supposed to fly to Mexico for their honeymoon today and are instead, stuck in the queen City until stormageddon stops? Boo. We made our above drinks in honor of them. When life give you lemons…make cocktails!)

Whether it is January or July, this is my favorite martini to make at home:

*Ice in a shaker with at least 1 generous sized squeezed wedge of both lemon and lime

*Vodka of your choice, and amount of your choice. (Hey, I’m not your mother. Go for the heavy hand if you want. No one is watching:)

*3/4 grapefruit juice. (Preferably fresh grapefruit juice.)

*1/4 heavy splash of cranberry pomegranate juice and light splash of orange juice

*Shake it up and serve, baby.

Stay warm out there! And if you need any help with this cocktail recipe, (or anything else fun, drop me a line here.)

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