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I dig this portion:

“There’s no reason for you to be contemplating the cosmic significance of your life while sitting on your couch all day eating Doritos. Rather, you should be getting off your ass and discovering what feels important to you.”

…of this article. Well, I dig every portion of this piece, actually. What an awesome and truthful bunch of words. Thanks for being a no bullshit writer, Mark Manson! Oh if the world had more like you.

I hope if you are reading this, you will pass it on.

What feels important to you?

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365 days of blue lollipop road; day 17


I’ve been doing my best lately to read a bunch of books I’ve wanted to for a while now:

I usually read and pass on, but obviously I’m way behind in my homework hours (tsk tsk.) In my attempt to knock out the titles above I haven’t yet, I’ve challenged myself to a book a week until March 1. This weeks book is Start Something that Matters. I’m loving it and It’s given me a stellar Idea for BLR too! Not pictured here, out on a borrow- my recent favorite; Walden on Wheels. Soooo good and a definite must read if you haven’t already. I just might be meeting up with Author, Ken Ilgunas in the next couple weeks. I’m super stoked about that. He is one smart cookie and I love his mindset.

Off to read!

This is what my road looks like today. What’s happening on yours?

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this book is soooo good

Walden on Wheels- a BLR favorite

I highly recommend this read! It’s a fantastic eye opening story, especially for anyone who might be thinking about going to college/university, or those who’ve made big financial commitments to something that may have seemed like a wise and mature decision at the time, but resulted in; I wish I’d had better tools to understand what I was about to get into- thoughts.

Buy the book here and check out author Ken’s website here.

I need to go on an adventure with this guy!

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