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if I met you at the gap year fair a few hours ago and you’re reading this now…


I loved chatting with students & parents about the big wide open amazing world that’s out there and why it is so incredibly important for young adults to get out and experience all they can before making big life decisions. I’m probably more passionate about this subject than any other, so it thrilled me to be at the USA Gap Year Fairs tonight, and see so many people open to the concept of a Gap Year.

I hope those I met and shared my information with, will drop me a line and let me know if I can help guide you in any way. I promise, if you take some time for travel and self-learning after high school, you will 1.) Have the time of your life 2.) Meet people and see places you never dreamed of 3.) Become a better human 4.) Find clarity about who you are and what you want 5.) Be best equipped to meet and exceed each and every one of your goals.


I’m a huge advocate for Gap Years and living outside the otherwise pre-planned life schedule.

Today is the day. What are you waiting for?

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speaking of food

As I keep playing with food to make many of my BLR’s for my 365 project, let’s go all the way foodie-foodfest and help me in supporting my very good friend, and former soccer teammate- Chef Ryan Hutmacher for ABC’s The Chew! Yippee! Ryan is part of The search for the weightwatchers chef!

Here we are a few weeks ago when I was in Chicago:

Ryan was busy and hard at work, so our lunch catch up was where else? His studio; Centered Chef.

To say that Ryan has been a good friend and support to me, and all things Blue Lollipop Road over the past few years, is an understatement. He is that positive, but no bs cheerleader. The do the right thing when nobody is watching, honest to goodness, passionate, loyal, smart, driven, talented, sweet, and funny guy we all should be lucky enough to have in our lives to keep us inspired. I have seen few people work harder and be more dedicated than Ryan. Blood, sweat, tears, and more, this guy is the perfect example of stand-up, never stop following your dreams, and do work that matters. I hope anyone reading this will join me and  click on this link here and “like” on the Facebook/ABC Chew page to help support Ryan in this competition.

Good luck Ryan! Thank you for your continued support with all my big Blue Lollipop Road goals. You will continue to inspire health, wellness, and that anything really is possible- in all of us.

Here’s to going for it!

#WorkThatMatters #CenteredChef #LiveWell



I’ve been finding lots of awesome people and projects lately as I spend time reading and researching for my own projects…

I find it incredibly refreshing to come across the good instead of bad. In a world that constantly seems to stay focused on the negative and the drama, there’s actually a whole lot of awesome out there-  it just needs to be found. Hats off to people like Jason Pollock, Creator of Undroppable, for highlighting the positivity and hope that lives inside so many young people who might otherwise be misunderstood or go unnoticed.

Keep up the good work, Jason!

What makes you undroppable?

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