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It’s Friday! Want to pay it forward and donate a few bucks to an amazing young woman who’s constantly giving back to her community?

Support my former employee and friend Crystal Collins here for her AIDS Walk Philly Campaign. I just did!

I’ve known Crystal for close to 10 years now. When she walked in the door for an interview with me in 2004, she was a quiet, mousey, college kid who seemed so shy. First impressions can be deceiving! She ended up blowing my mind with her personality, drive, ambition, and work ethic. (And she continues to.) In the years since Crystal worked for me, she’s traveled far and wide helping people in need around the globe, she’s volunteered/worked for countless community activist groups, and she’s mentored hundreds of teens. She never fails to have a sweet positive energy that makes me smile every time I see or talk to her. I feel like a proud mamma watching her grow. She has an absolute heart of gold. This “kid” is really one in a million.

Thank you for being awesome Crystal! You inspire me. I feel honored to call you my friend.

Help me support this amazing young woman and one of her many selfless projects!

Who do you support?

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