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unexpected attachments

I don’t usually get attached to possessions. I generally think “stuff” weighs us down, physically and emotionally, ties up money unnecessarily, and ultimately, isn’t what’s really important. Well, I might be eating my opinions on that subject for a moment as I just threw out my favorite running shorts I’ve had for at least 10 years. (Ten years!) Here they are:

Favorite Brooks running shorts!

…I got attached!

I’ve been holding on for weeks, but the elastic finally wore completely out, so as this set of trusty gear kept falling down during my run this morning, I decided it was time to say goodbye. (Otherwise the gift that would’ve kept on giving this holiday season would be my full moon to all the neighbors. Ho ho ho!)

Running is a huge part of my life, a near daily and very necessary thing for my sanity, but I hadn’t realized in addition to the running, these shorts have been necessary as well. I’ve cranked out between 20 and 55 miles a week for years, because I like to eat, and want to stay fit, but mostly because, like driving- running is this healthy drug for me, this high, my religion. It makes me feel like a million bucks. The thoughts, the plans, the hopes, the dreams, the everything and then some that’s swirled like wildfire through my head while wearing those shorts all this time beating feet, all those miles. I’ve run on sweltering days and in frigid temperatures, in the rain, in the snow, in the country, in the city, through the woods alone, through crowds of people, I’ve cried tears as I’ve jogged down trails and laughed too, I’ve almost lost limbs as I’ve bobbed and weaved between cars, I’ve had aha moments, I’ve been inspired, disappointed, I’ve pushed through heartbreak and loss, and felt exhausted, elated, empowered- I’ve even run a marathon:

Diane Peacock at the PF Chang's Rock N' Roll Marathon, 2004

…and then some, all in that one little pair of plain black Brooks brand running shorts. Oh the countless stories and secrets these shorts will hold forever. Thank you Brooks for making a near indestructible product! Never did I consider I’d have a panic moment finally letting a piece of clothing go (I mean- that seems crazy, right?)- but as Kenny Rogers says:

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run

From now on, my feet-beating while dreaming up next adventures and possibility will have to happen in some new shorts. Maybe I’ll get over-attached to a rainbow print pair this time.

What possession holds countless stories and secrets of yours?

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the sweaty misfit

I just had a thought:

Maybe most personal and world problems would be solved if everyone just exercised more.

Yours truly (known currently as fish out of water Diane) just spent the last 3 hours sweatin’ it out. As I woke up this morning again with my now daily “What the hell am I doing here?!/Why am I doing this again?!” first thoughts of the day, I jumped out of bed, strapped on my running shoes- and 5 miles I went. I got home in perfect time to speed-race to the gym for a booty shake till you drop Zumba class. By 10:46am I had sweat enough in the humidity of the southern morning to almost shut up that constant reel of second guessing my latest “move.” (Almost.)

I suppose whether this Nesting Nomad/Operation Charlotte thing lasts another 7 days or 7 months- at least I’ll be ripped by the end of it. Between my usually hearty I love food so much- especially chocolate, so can I please stuff my face every second possible with Oreos and Nutella appetite being squashed by the stress of forcing myself to try the average American life, and the fact that I’m attempting the “healthiest” way I know to manage anger, frustration, disappointment, and general ickiness (by running my ass off 30-50 miles a week and going to the gym for every aerobics-esque dance class that’s on the schedule)- I might be able to give one of those Olympic training hopefuls a run for their money pretty soon.

So there’s that.

In all reality, 2 days from now I could be singing a song of pure bliss in my off the road life. I could be writing here about how I’ve totally changed, about how I never want to sleep on another couch, in another guest bed, or in my car again. I could fall truly, madly, deeply in love with some spectacular company that has stellar, upstanding staff, pays me well and is all about being socially responsible. (Where are those companies again?) Perhaps just by chance and luck, I’ll meet a guy who makes me want to settle right into a perfect little life that includes spending Saturdays at Home Depot and “cutting the lawn.”

(Yeah, I’m highly doubting all of the above and laughing really hard too.) But! I thought it was a good idea to try the other side of life that I haven’t in the past several years- so here I am dripping sweat, and trying very hard to be “into” this experiment as I scratch my head wondering why in the bleep I really thought this all was a good idea.

At least exercising makes me feel better.

Don’t get me wrong, an amazing home base place, a job that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning (or at least get out of bed in the morning), and a partner in crime who’s intelligent, experienced, honest and fun, and who thinks my bumps and bruises are beautiful are all fantastic sounding things I’d love to have. The catch is, balance, routine and that everyday comfort package must include some level of butterfly/fire in my belly/excited feelings on a regular basis- or I am simply not interested.

Unrealistic? You may think so- I don’t. Picky? Nope. I just know what I want.

#NestingNomad #OperationCharlotte #HappyAsAMisfit #HoldingOutForTheGoodStuff.


free vermont voltage soccer tickets to everyone who attends blr play it forward this weekend!

Here’s a sweet deal:

Come out to Howard Park in Shaftsbury, VT this Saturday July 13th, be our guest at BLR Play It Forward and get a ticket to attend the Vermont Voltage game on July 17th- free!

Vermont Voltage Logo

I was thrilled to learn about the Bennington Sports Center as I’ve been spending time back in my hometown this summer. Owner of this facility and the Vermont Voltage Premier Soccer Club Bo Vuckovic welcomed me to drop in for a tour last month after I emailed him about hanging up event posters. The instant I walked in I was impressed; the space, Bo’s vision, his positivity and obvious drive to create this incredible community space for sports and more in Southern VT are in a word- awesome. If you are reading this and are like me, who always had the desire to stay active and entertained growing up as a small town kid but often felt “bored”, you know what mean when I say- I wish this kind of place was around when I was young! In fact, I would love to see this kind of place available in every town in America and beyond! The Bennington Sports Center has taken over a gorgeous old elementary school and renovated it into this clean, beautiful, and inspiring place that I believe will change lives, and keep kids healthy & active for years to come. BLR is all about that!

Bennington Sports Center Logo

Bo was quick to offer any help I needed with BLR Play It Forward (for this year and the future) as he toured me around the grounds. I thought the free ticket to the July 17th Voltage game was a perfect idea for this years Play It Forward event. I hope to work with Bo on future BLR events. He is definitely my kind of people. It was very clear to me from the minute we met that he really cares about doing good for the community. Three cheers for that!

Come out this Saturday and cheer us on as we play soccer and award a scholarship to a local youth female athlete at Play It Forward, and get your ticket to go see the Voltage play next week!

Thanks to Bo, The Vermont Voltage and The Bennington Sports Center!.


i’m one of those girls

Happy Anniversary Title IX!

I’m extra proud to be an athlete today during all the celebration going on around the country for Title IX. As I peruse news articles and watch videos like this one by Nike, I get even more fired up than I already am for BLR Play it Forward and the message behind it all.

Blue Lollipop Road believes that making a commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle is by far one of the best investments in yourself.

I will share again what I wrote months ago about sport and travel when starting to plan our BLR Play it Forward 8/18 weekend:

There is no doubt that if I hadn’t been a part of soccer teams every year growing up, and if I hadn’t participated in the student exchange program through Mount Anthony High School like I did in 1994, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today and Blue Lollipop Road would not exist. Through sport and having coaches who were incredible mentors- I learned about teamwork, and confidence. I learned that by taking care of my body and exercising, that I would take care of my mind and soul too. When our team had all hands in before each game chanting: One…two…three…”STRONG MOJO!” we each knew we had the power together or alone- to go, be, and do anything. As I stood in Germany during my student exchange month abroad never having been out of the state of Vermont before, my eyes flew open to see there was a whole big world out there to discover. Since then, I’ve spent time in all 50 states and 13 countries. I’ve learned how to be resourceful, savvy, flexible, independent, and open. I’ve met people I would have never otherwise met, tried foods I never imagined I’d try, and seen sights that have taken my breath away. What I’ve learned most from athletics and travel is that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Today I thank all the badass women out there who’ve made it possible for girls play, and go for their wildest dreams. I’m one of those girls, and that’s why It’s so important to me to keep playing it forward.