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Like a mother, I feel incredibly happy and proud of this being I’ve created that means everything to me. Time flies far too fast, and my “baby” is all grown up. It’s odd to say a blog/website could feel like a living thing, but that is the truth. Blue Lollipop Road has been alive and active now for exactly 7 years, and I can honestly say that my life changed forever on 10/16/08 when I wrote my first blog post. It’s as if I grew up a little more that day, ready to share myself, and pass on love & lessons within this next generation of me.

That indescribably and overwhelming never-the-same feeling people talk about when they have kids!


This month is graduation time for my sweet, sweet, BLR- to version 2.0. The next adventure begins on 10/26, as I give this larger than life entity a complete makeover. So excited!

Like all things or people worth it in this crazy life, hard work is required, we are likely to shake fists in the air with frustration, shed tears occasionally, and then spin around in pure bliss, too. For anything or anyone worth it, exhaustion is part of the package, disappointment will creep in sometimes, and heartbreak is unavoidable. With all the bad, comes so much good, though- and blows every last icky feeling we may have ever experienced out of the water. Ahhh…those moments It’s all worth it; those undeniable joyful seconds of purity you feel when that “thing” you have put every once of your being- your complete heart and soul in, looks up and says I love you. 

Well, I love you, too Blue Lollipop Road.

Thank you for motivating me, teaching me, making me sad, happy, confused, proud, frustrated, and for helping me to continually believe in everything possible. Thank you for holding my hand so I’m able to remain fearless and love hard. Thank you mostly, for making me feel completely alive. Because of you, I can be best version of myself and feel like I have a purpose on this planet. That is the best feeling ever.

My sweet, sweet, BLR! What a run (or should I say, drive), we have had together!

Here’s to a billion more years of the good madness that is the life roller coaster, and hoping that together, we can inspire and light good fire inside everyone we meet.

#Love #Mojo #Believe

*Took this photo a couple days ago, full on filthy in work pants at a client job in Virginia. Good times geeking out at the view and always sporting a BLR tee!

Happy Birthday BLR!


go take a hike

At least that’s what we did yesterday! Can’t keep me inside when It’s 75 and sunny, on a weekend or a week day. (It’s Monday and I’m typing this from an outside patio table; my office for the afternoon.)

Here’s our view from the top of the mountain:

Panoramic from the top

At the top

Mountain Top at Crowder's

Life on the Blue Lollipop Road

As seen in these photos, things are not quite blooming and green yet, but even though most the color was brown, the skies were still blue- so I was happy. (Obviously.) Minus the littering idiots who left their Dean & DeLuca lunch garbage all over the place, it was a perfect day. (For god’s sakes, people- stop littering!)

I think winter has reared It’s ugly head for the last time this year. (At least in NC, anyway.) Time to grab yourself, your family & your friends- and go play outside!

How do you enjoy the great outdoors?

#Hike #NC #LetMeBeFree


a giggle a day keeps the doctor away

Sisters are awesome. Nature is awesome. Colorado is awesome.

We pretend to be serious:

Fort Collins Sister Time

..but it is all just a front for our jackassery:

Fort Collins Sister Time

Yeah. I just made up a word. That is awesome too.

Love you sister! So fun.

My Blue Lollipop Road is spending time with people I love.

Where’s your road?
(Send me a photo: Diane(@) and I will post it here.)

#LifeOnTheBlueLollipopRoad #WildInTheWest #Sisters